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YOLO_v3_tutorial_from_scratch - Accompanying code for Paperspace tutorial series "How to Implement YOLO v3 Object Detector from Scratch"

  •    Python

About when is the training code coming? I have my undergraduate thesis this May, and will be busy. So, you might have to wait for a till the second part of May.

open-solution-ship-detection - Open solution to the Airbus Ship Detection Challenge

  •    Python

This is an open solution to the Airbus Ship Detection Challenge. In this open source solution you will find references to the neptune.ml. It is free platform for community Users, which we use daily to keep track of our experiments. Please note that using neptune.ml is not necessary to proceed with this solution. You may run it as plain Python script 🐍.

aipnd-project - AIML Programming with PyTorch

  •    HTML

Image categories are found in cat_to_name.json and flower images can be downloaded in the gziped tar file flower_data.tar.gz from Udacity. You should now have test, train and valid directories containing classification directories and flower images under the flowers directory.

ban-vqa - Bilinear attention networks for visual question answering

  •    Python

This repository is the implementation of Bilinear Attention Networks for the visual question answering task. Our single model achieved 70.35 and an ensemble of 15 models achieved 71.84 (Test-standard, VQA 2.0). For the detail, please refer to our technical report. This repository is based on and inspired by @hengyuan-hu's work. We sincerely thank for their sharing of the codes.