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google-images-download - Python Script to download hundreds of images from 'Google Images'

This is a command line python program to search keywords/key-phrases on Google Images and optionally download images to your computer. You can also invoke this script from another python file. This is a small and ready-to-run program. No dependencies are required to be installed if you would only want to download up to 100 images per keyword. If you would want more than 100 images per keyword, then you would need to install Selenium library along with chromedriver. Detailed instructions in the troubleshooting section.

multiscanner - Modular file scanning/analysis framework

MultiScanner is a file analysis framework that assists the user in evaluating a set of files by automatically running a suite of tools for the user and aggregating the output. Tools can be custom built Python scripts, web APIs, software running on another machine, etc. Tools are incorporated by creating modules that run in the MultiScanner framework. Modules are designed to be quickly written and easily incorporated into the framework. Currently written and maintained modules are related to malware analytics, but the framework is not limited to that scope. For a list of modules you can look in modules/. Descriptions and config options can be found on the Analysis Modules page.

bittrex_autotrader - Bittrex currency exchange autotrading script in a nutshell.

Bittrex currency exchange autotrading script in a nutshell. Outside of the basic trading functionality a full implementation of the Bittrex API has been provided for those would want to extend this script. Runnning make will generate the class HTML documentation.

dynamodb-copy-table - A simple python script to copy dynamodb table (useful for achieving renaming of table)

You can use the environment variables AWS_DEFAULT_REGION and DISABLE_DATACOPY to select the region (the default region is us-west-2) and disable the copying of data from source table to destination table.

Palioxis - Linux self-destruction utility

Palioxis was the Greek personification of the backrush or retreat from battle. It seems fitting in the scenarios that would surround the needed use of this script. This will start Palioxis as a server, meaning it will listen on the given host and port for the 'destroy key'. Once received, it will proceed to shred the specified files and truecrypt drives.

tiny-search-engine - This project is a Tiny Search Engine, that do searching in unlimited number of files in directory called data

Faculty of computer science and information Helwan university. This project is a Tiny Search Engine, that do searching in unlimited number of files in directory called data. The input is query like Term AND Term. The output the documents that matching this query.