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pyTelegramBotAPI - Python Telegram bot api.

  •    Python

A simple, but extensible Python implementation for the Telegram Bot API. It is generally recommended to use the first option.

cudf - cuDF - GPU DataFrame Library

  •    C++

NOTE: For the latest stable README.md ensure you are on the main branch. Built based on the Apache Arrow columnar memory format, cuDF is a GPU DataFrame library for loading, joining, aggregating, filtering, and otherwise manipulating data.

rain - Framework for large distributed pipelines

  •    Rust

Rain is an open-source distributed computational framework for processing of large-scale task-based pipelines. Rain aims to lower the entry barrier to the world of distributed computing. Our intention is to provide a light yet robust distributed framework that features an intuitive Python API, straightforward installation and deployment with insightful monitoring on top.

pygdf - GPU Data Frame

  •    Jupyter

PyGDF implements the Python interface to access and manipulate the GPU Dataframe of GPU Open Analytics Initialive (GOAI). We aim to provide a simple interface that similar to the Pandas dataframe and hide the details of GPU programming.

mlbgame - A Python API to retrieve and read MLB GameDay data

  •    Python

mlbgame is a Python API to retrieve and read MLB GameDay data. mlbgame works with real time data, getting information as games are being played. mlbgame uses the same data that MLB GameDay uses, and therefore is updated as soon as something happens in a game.

kinopoiskpy - Python API to kinopoisk.ru

  •    Python

This package is pythonic API to kinopoisk.ru website.

pydds - Python API for DDS

  •    C

pydds is a simple Python API for Vortex Lite and for OpenSplice. IDL-based Topic Types. In this case the equivalent python type has to be defined using the appropriate ctype structure.

logdissect - CLI utility and Python API for analyzing log files and other data.

  •    Python

For library documentation, see the API documentation. Logdissect is a CLI utility and Python library for analyzing log files and other data. It can parse, merge, filter, and export data (to log files, or JSON).

openfoodfacts-apirestpython - Python API for Open Food Facts (using a DB dump)

  •    Python

OFF API provides programmatic access to Open Food Facts functionality and content. To try the API : https://openfoodfacts-api.herokuapp.com/ Or if you want to try in localhost, see below.

lazydocs - 📖 Generate markdown API documentation from Google-style Python docstring

  •    Python

Generate markdown API documentation for Google-style Python docstring. Lazydocs makes it easy to generate beautiful markdown documentation for your Python API (see this example). It provides a simple command-line interface as well as a Python API to get full-fledged API documentation within seconds based on all of the Google-style docstrings in your code. This markdown documentation can be pushed to Github or integrated into your MkDocs site.

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