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pythonVSCode - This extension is now maintained in the Microsoft fork.

  •    TypeScript

To see all available Python commands, open the Command Palette and type Python. The Microsoft Python Extension for Visual Studio Code collects usage data and sends it to Microsoft to help improve our products and services. Read our privacy statement to learn more. This extension respects the telemetry.enableTelemetry setting which you can learn more about at https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/supporting/faq#_how-to-disable-telemetry-reporting.

iota.py - PyOTA: The IOTA Python API Library

  •    Python

This is beta software, so there may be performance and stability issues. Please report any issues in our issue tracker. To install the IOTA Python client library and its dependencies, you need Python version 3.7 or 3.6 installed on your device.

scons - SCons - a software construction tool

  •    XSLT

Welcome to the SCons development tree. The real purpose of this tree is to package SCons for production distribution in a variety of formats, not just to hack SCons code. If all you want to do is install and run SCons, it will be easier for you to download and install the scons-{version}.tar.gz or scons-{version}.zip package rather than to work with the packaging logic in this tree.

iota.lib.py - PyOTA: The IOTA Python API Library

  •    Python

This is the official Python library for the IOTA Core.It implements both the official API, as well as newly-proposed functionality (such as signing, bundles, utilities and conversion).

gdax-python-api - GDAX API written in Python3 using async/await

  •    Python

See the official API documentation at https://docs.gdax.com/ for more documentation. Parts of this software are based on GDAX-Python by Daniel Paquin. See also https://github.com/danpaquin/GDAX-Python/blob/master/contributors.txt.

rororo - Utilities, helpers, and useful principles for building Python backend applications

  •    Python

Collection of utilities, helpers, and principles for building Python backend applications. Supports aiohttp.web, Flask, and your web-framework.

aio-pika - Wrapper for the PIKA for asyncio and humans.

  •    Python

Wrapper for the PIKA for asyncio and humans. See examples and the tutorial in documentation. See another examples and the tutorial in documentation.

sqlalchemy-media - Another attachment extension for SqlAlchemy to manage assets which are associated with database models but you don't want to store them into the database

  •    Python

See the documentation for full description. Nowadays, most of the database applications are used to allow users to upload and attach files of various types to ORM models.

fmt - Using f-strings(PEP 498) style literal string interpolation without Python 3.6.

  •    Python

Using f-strings(PEP 498) style literal string interpolation without Python 3.6. Accessing the globals and locals.

localslackirc - IRC gateway for slack, running on localhost for one user

  •    Python

The idea of this project is to create a localhost IRC server that functions as a gateway for one user of slack, that can connect to it with whatever IRC client they prefer or a bouncer like ZNC and keep using slack from IRC even after they shut down their IRC gateway. Then, start localslackirc in your terminal if you haven't already. (Just type python3 irc.py).

quadriga - Python Client for QuadrigaCX

  •    Python

Quadriga is a Python client for Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform QuadrigaCX. It wraps the exchange's REST API v2 using requests library. You may need to use sudo depending on your environment.

com2ann - Tool for translation type comments to type annotations in Python

  •    Python

Tool for translation type comments to type annotations in Python. Supports Python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6.

calm - It is always Calm before a Tornado!

  •    Python

Calm is an extension to Tornado Framework that provides decorators and other tools to easily implement RESTful APIs. The purpose of Calm is to ease the process of defining your API, parsing argument values in the request handlers, etc. Now go ahead and try your new application! Navigate to http://localhost:8888/hello/YOUR_NAME_HERE and see what you get.

flickrapi - Python Flickr API implementation

  •    Python

then run poetry run py.test in the top-level directory. The minimum Python version that is supported is 3.5.

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