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QDarkStyleSheet - A dark style sheet for QtWidgets application

A dark stylesheet for Qt applications (Qt4, Qt5, PySide, PyQt4, PyQt5, QtPy, PyQtGraph). You can use the setup script and pip install.

Web2Executable - Uses NW.js to generate "native" apps for already existing web apps.

Thank you all for using Web2Exe over the years! Unfortunately, I don't have the time to maintain this anymore (as you've probably noticed). If anyone wants to take over this repo let me know via email. If you use this and want paid support or you want to pay for further development, you can also contact me via email (which is on my Github profile). Web2Executable is a friendly command line and GUI application that can transform your Nodejs (or any other JS/HTML) app into an executable (and libraries) that can run in a contained, desktop-like style. It can export to Mac OS X, Windows and Linux all from one platform, so no need to go out and buy expensive hardware.

Qt.py - Minimal Python 2 & 3 shim around all Qt bindings - PySide, PySide2, PyQt4 and PyQt5.

Qt.py enables you to write software that runs on any of the 4 supported bindings - PySide2, PyQt5, PySide and PyQt4. Write once, run in any binding.

Qt-Python-Binding-Examples - Lots of simple and Pythonic PySide demos

Lots of simple and Pythonic PySide demos, this project is released under the permissive 3-clause BSD license.

qtpy - Provides an uniform layer to support PyQt5, PySide2, PyQt4 and PySide with a single codebase

QtPy is a small abstraction layer that lets you write applications using a single API call to either PyQt or PySide. It provides support for PyQt5, PyQt4, PySide2 and PySide using the Qt5 layout (where the QtGui module has been split into QtGui and QtWidgets).

JARVIS - "Just Another ReVersIng Suite" or whatever other bullshit you can think of

The auxiliary plugin jarvis_launcher.py registers a shortcut (Alt-J) which launches the actual plugin. JARVIS is written in PySide (Qt). It consists of a dockable Widget with several tabs, one for each different category.

material - Material Design Widgets for PySide and PyQt4

^^ I am often on Gitter so you will find me there. #NO LONGER SUPPORTED, but feel free to ask questions on the gitter. I might answer them.

qdarkgraystyle - A dark gray style sheet for PyQt5 application

A dark gray stylesheet for PyQt5 applications. This theme is a gray variation of QDarkStyleSheet theme. The PySide and PyQt4 support was dropped in version 1.0.0. To use qdarkgraystyle with PySide or PyQt4 or with Python 2.7, please use the version 0.0.3.

SceneGraph - PySide scene graph UI framework.

SceneGraph is a fast & flexible framework for visualizing node graphs using in visual effects DCCs using PySide. Scenes can be saved and loaded in a variety of applications, and users can easily add their own nodes to suit their needs.