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djongo - Django and MongoDB database connector

  •    Python

Use MongoDB as a backend database for your Django project, without changing the Django ORM. Use the Django Admin GUI to add and modify documents in MongoDB.Python 3.6 or higher.

sanic-motor - simple motor wrapper for sanic

  •    Python

Simple motor wrapper for Sanic. see examples and source code for details.

buscaimoveis - Agregador de anúncios de imóveis a venda

  •    Python

Todos os anúncios são coletados via crawling usando o Busca Imóveis Scraper. Veja mais no arquivo CONTRIBUTING.md, as formas de ajudar com o projeto, e o AUTHORS.md para saber quem estão a frente e que pode te auxiliar.

buscaimoveis-scraper - Projeto que coleta anúncios de imóveis a venda em grandes plataformas como OLX, Zap Imóveis, etc

  •    Python

Projeto voltado para raspagem de anúncios de imóveis a venda nas plataformas conhecidas como por exemplo OLX e ZAP Imóveis. OBS.: Por enquanto é raspado vendas de imóveis no Distrito Federal somente, mas em breve estará flexível para outros estados.

mongu - :seedling: Yet another Python Object-Document Mapper on top of PyMongo

  •    Python

Mongu is yet another Python Object-Document Mapper on top of PyMongo. It's lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to understand. If those heavy and slow layers have nothing or more than you need, Mongu maybe the one for you.

pymongo-job-queue - MongoDB-based message queue

  •    Python

This package (pymjq) is a simple MongoDB based job queue for Python. By using capped collections and tailable cursors, you can queue up data to be consumed by a service worker in order to process your long running tasks asynchronously. This is currently used to send notifications on the Meta sites (a.k.a. Vinylhub, Bibliogs, Filmogs, Gearogs, Comicogs and the Reference Wiki).

cikilop - Easy data migration for MongoDB using Python.

  •    Python

Cikilop v.1.1 is a simple and easy to use data migration tool for MongoDB that encourages you to write your migration scripts in Python. All you need is docker (or python 3.6). What you need: Prepare your migration scripts, prepare your config, run cikilop. That's it.

mongo-thingy - :leaves: The most idiomatic and friendly-yet-powerful way to use MongoDB with Python

  •    Python

Mongo-Thingy is the most idiomatic and friendly-yet-powerful way to use MongoDB with Python. It is an "Object-Document Mapper" that gives you full advantage of MongoDB schema-less design by not asking you to define schemas in your code, but with all the powerful features you would expect from such a library.

doc2vec_pymongo - Machine learning prediction of movies genres using Gensim's Doc2Vec and PyMongo - (Python, MongoDB)

  •    Python

A very small set of data is provided with this repository for example purposes. There are two json files that are ready to import into a MongoDB deployment. You can either construct the document yourself, or fetch existing information from movies' sites.

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