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covid19-dashboard - A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.

  •    Jupyter

This project showcases how you can use fastpages to create a static dashboard that update regularly using Jupyter Notebooks. Using fastpages, data professionals can share dashboards (that are updated with new data automatically) without requiring any expertise in front end development. The content of this site shows statistics and reports regarding Covid-19.

pymc3_vs_pystan - Personal project to compare hierarchical linear regression in PyMC3 and PyStan, as presented at http://pydata

  •    Jupyter

This set of Notebooks and scripts comprise the pymc3_vs_pystan personal project by Jonathan Sedar of Applied AI Ltd, written primarily for presentation at the PyData London 2016 Conference. The project demonstrates hierarchical linear regression using two Bayesian inference frameworks: PyMC3 and PyStan. The project borrows heavily from code written for Applied AI Ltd and is supplied here for educational purposes only. No copyright or license is extended to users.

DBDA-python - Doing Bayesian Data Analysis, 2nd Edition (Kruschke, 2015): Python/PyMC3 code

  •    Jupyter

Note that the code is in Jupyter Notebook format and requires modification to use with other datasets. Some of the general concepts from the book are discussed in papers by Kruschke & Liddell. See references below.

lifestyles - Work-In-Progress: conjoint analysis in python

  •    Python

Q3. How much .... Warm, honey-sweetened, with strong lemon flavour.

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