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pyfilesystem2 - Python's Filesystem abstraction layer

  •    Python

Python's Filesystem abstraction layer. Think of PyFilesystem's FS objects as the next logical step to Python's file objects. In the same way that file objects abstract a single file, FS objects abstract an entire filesystem.

fs.sshfs - Pyfilesystem2 over SSH using paramiko

  •    Python

The following URL parameters are supported: timeout, keepalive. Once created, the SSHFS filesystem behaves like any other filesystem (see the Pyfilesystem2 documentation).

s3fs - Amazon S3 filesystem for PyFilesystem2

  •    Python

S3FS is a PyFilesystem interface to Amazon S3 cloud storage. As a PyFilesystem concrete class, S3FS allows you to work with S3 in the same way as any other supported filesystem.