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pwntools - CTF framework and exploit development library

  •    Python

Pwntools is a CTF framework and exploit development library. Written in Python, it is designed for rapid prototyping and development, and intended to make exploit writing as simple as possible. You can now do a live demo of Pwntools, right in your browser.

one_gadget - The best tool for finding one gadget RCE in libc.so.6

  •    Ruby

When playing ctf pwn challenges we usually need the one-gadget RCE (remote code execution), which leads to call execve('/bin/sh', NULL, NULL). Note: require ruby version >= 2.1.0, you can use ruby --version to check.

zio - unified io lib for pwning development written in python

  •    Python

zio is an easy-to-use io library for pwning development, supporting an unified interface for local process pwning and TCP socket io. The primary goal of zio is to provide unified io interface between process stdin/stdout and TCP socket io. So when you have done local pwning development, you only need to change the io target to pwn the remote server.

CTF-challenges-by-me - Pwnable|Web Security|Cryptography CTF-style challenges

  •    CSS

Repo này với mục đích lưu trữ lại những challenges do mình đã tạo ra trong các kì CTF (SVATTT|0x3004|...) cũng như những lần ngẫu hứng. Mình đang tìm lại và sẽ update thêm các challenges khác.

heapinfo - create an interactive memory info interface while pwn / exploiting

  •    Ruby

As pwn lovers, while playing CTF with heap exploitation, we always need a debugger (e.g. gdb) for tracking memory layout. But we don't really need gdb if we want to see whether the heap layout same as our imagine or not. Hope this small tool helps us exploit easier ;). HeapInfo is very helpful when binary has somehow anti-debugger limitations, e.g. being ptraced. HeapInfo still works because it doesn't use ptrace.

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