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Vue Storefront - Headless PWA for any eCommerce

  •    Javascript

Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for your eCommerce, possible to connect with any eCommerce backend (eg. Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop or Shopware) through the API. Vue Storefront is and always will be in the open source. Anyone can use and support the project, we want it to be a tool for the improvement of the shopping experience.

DeckDeckGo - The web open source editor for presentations

  •    Typescript

DeckDeckGo aims to be the open source web editor for presentations. It enables anyone with any type of devices (desktop, mobile or tablets) to easily create, present and share presentations for free. Create quickly simple PWA presentations using rich Templates. Interact with a remote control and live polls for your audience. You can present and work offline. YouTube videos can be easily integrated.

ionic-pwa-toolkit - Build lightning fast Progressive Web Apps with zero config and best practices built-in

  •    TypeScript

The PWA Toolkit is a starting point for building Progressive Web Apps using Ionic and Stencil. This combination of tools gives you the ability to build a fast, efficient PWA out of the box. Note: This project is Beta and uses a beta release of @ionic/core.

vue-wordpress-pwa - An offline-first SPA using Vue

  •    Javascript

This is the code for the FullStackWeekly website. You can use it as a starter pack for your WordPress site as well. Since WordPress can expose a REST API, this project uses Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex, Vue-resource & Progressive Web App techniques to create an offline-first web client.

OpenNote - Open web-based alternative to Microsoft OneNote (T) and EverNote

  •    Javascript

OpenNote is a progressive web application(PWA) / HTML5 offline app that was built to be a web based text editor/note taking software. It is designed to be self hosted and gives you ownership of your data.

ember-hackernews-pwa - An Ember implementation of the HackerNews client as a Progressive Web App

  •    Javascript

This README outlines the details of collaborating on this Ember application. A short introduction of this app could easily go here. You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

glimmer-synth - Synthesizer built using WebAudio and Glimmer

  •    TypeScript

Experiment to build a synthesizer with using WebAudio API and Glimmer. See it here. You will need the following things properly installed on your computer.

angular-universal-pwa - Angular Universal PWA boilerplate/starter with serverless environment support

  •    TypeScript

This repo is the boilerplate for Angular Universal (serverside rendering) applications. It is running as a (PWA) progressive web app with the whole goodness of it (push messages, content caching and making it installable on the Android devices)! It is prepared to be easily deployed on serverless environment (like AWS Lambda).

Product-Site-101 - Simple product site - demo for a talk

  •    PHP

Copyright 2014 Iron Summit Media Strategies, LLC. Code released under the Apache 2.0 license.

kawachat2-client - Angular 4 Chat App using Socket.IO 2.0

  •    TypeScript

This project was generated with Angular CLI version 1.1.0. It features Route Lazy Loading and Angular Service Worker for local caching, no need to run an http server once the service worker cached the app.

ionic-stencil-hn-app - Ionic Stencil HackerNews App

  •    TypeScript

Stencil is a compiler for building fast web apps and components using Web Components. Stencil combines the best concepts of the most popular frontend frameworks into a compile-time rather than run-time tool. Stencil takes TypeScript, JSX, a tiny virtual DOM layer, efficient one-way data binding, an asynchronous rendering pipeline (similar to React Fiber), and lazy-loading out of the box, and generates 100% standards-based Web Components that run in any browser supporting the Custom Elements v1 spec.

affilicats - 🐈 Progressive Web App demo that showcases flaky network resilience measures (📶 or 🚫📶)

  •    Javascript

A Progressive Web App demo that showcases various flaky network resilience measures. The core idea is to simulate an affiliate or comparison app with various API calls (e.g., for prices, stars, reviews, location, photos) proxied by dummy lorem ipsum type APIs where the conversion action is to click through to a third-party and place the affiliate cookie (that's the click the app never wants to lose).

react-dashboard - Kendo UI for React - Progressive Web Application example with Redux

  •    Javascript

This application shows an example of how one can use Kendo UI for React in react/redux scenario. The application is based on the PWA standards, has a manifest.json and a registered Service Worker.

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