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angular-performance-checklist - Cheatsheet for developing ⚡lightning⚡ fast progressive Angular applications

This document contains a list of practices which will help us boost the performance of our Angular applications. "Angular Performance Checklist" covers different topics - from server-side pre-rendering and bundling of our applications, to runtime performance and optimization of the change detection performed by the framework.Some practices impact both categories so there could be a slight intersection, however, the differences in the use cases and the implications will be explicitly mentioned.

DevDocs - API Documentation Browser

DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.Unless you wish to contribute to the project, I recommend using the hosted version at devdocs.io. It's up-to-date and works offline out-of-the-box.

awesome-pwa - Awesome list of progressive web apps! (PR welcomed ;))

Inspired by the awesome list thing. A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. They evolve from pages in browser tabs to immersive, top-level apps, leveraging the web's low friction.

jpg-glitch - glitch images with jpg encoding

this is an experiment for the web browser. it corrupts jpg images so that they appear "glitched". this experiment is very much based on the smack my glitch up js script.

amp-pwa-demo - A simple, dependency-free blog that uses a Progressive Web App (PWA) to show Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

A simple, dependency-free blog that uses a Progressive Web App (PWA) to show Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

santa-tracker-web - Ho Ho Ho

This repository contains the code to Google Santa Tracker, an educational and entertaining tradition for the December holiday period. It is a companion to the Android app.If you'd like to learn more about the engineering that goes into Santa Tracker, and how Santa Tracker works offline as a Progressive Web App, please check out Santa Tracker as a PWA.

nextjs-pwa - Build a PWA with Next.JS

This is the companion repo of How to build a PWA with Next.JS.It features a Hacker News Reader built with React and Styled JSX using Next.JS.

dictionary - Dictionary app that can work without JavaScript or internet

Dictionary app that can work without JavaScript or internet.Loading /dictionary afresh (first load) transfers 114 kb (app itself, and initialising the service worker cache).

create-poi-react-app - The create-react-app that uses Poi instead of react-scripts.

The create-react-app that you're familiar with but uses Poi instead of react-scripts.Yeah it's exactly the same as a create-react-app project but with an extra poi.config.js.

onionite - Explore the Tor network

PWA to view information on the individual nodes that make up the Tor network.Onionite is heavily inspired by Atlas and Globe.

vscode-pwa - VS Code Extension for PWA Tools

This extension for Visual Studio Code adds snippets and JSON schema for a manifest.json for creating Progressive Web Apps (PWA).Type part of a snippet, press enter, and the snippet unfolds.

aws-mobilehub-ember - Serverless example mobile web application for building a Serverless EmberJS based web application using AWS JavaScript SDK, and MobileHub

A serverless mobile web application built with EmberJS using import/export as well as Hosting and Streaming functionality from AWS Mobile Hub. This web app utilizes AWS MobileHub for it's backend resource automation and the MobileHub generated aws-config.js for connection properties.For a detailed walkthrough please follow the blog post.

generator-pwa - Yeoman generator for a progressive webapp.

- Prompt for all manifest.json related fields. - Use async-await in sw.js.

manifest-json - Creates manifest.json for your PWA.

Creates a Webapp manifest for your PWA. Provide flags for each option on CLI.