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pushd - Blazing fast multi-protocol mobile and web push notification service

Pushd is a pluggable unified push server for server-side notification to mobile native apps, web apps etc. With pushd you can send push notifications to any supported mobile platform, web app or HTTP server from a single entry point. Pushd takes care of which device is subscribed to which event and is designed to support an unlimited amount of subscribable events.At first launch, your app must register with the push notification service to get a registration id. It then provides this registration id to pushd in exchange for a subscriber id (This subscriber id will be used with all further communications with pushd). Some informations can be sent with the request to pushd like: subscriber language, version or current badge value.

np - A better `npm publish`

Support my open source work by buying this excellent Node.js course.Run np without arguments to launch the interactive UI that guides you through publishing a new version.

release - Generate changelogs with a single command

When run, this command line interface automatically generates a new GitHub Release and populates it with the changes (commits) made since the last release.You can find an example of how to prepare a release in your project here.

OpenMobster - Open Source Mobile Cloud Platform

OpenMobster, is an open source Enterprise Backend for Mobile Apps. It provides a bi-directional data synchronization service for mobile apps to synchronize their locally stored database with Enterprise services in the Cloud such as server apps, CRM, ERP, etc. It supports a platform-agnostic Cloud-initiated Push Notification System. It has framework for creating end-to-end Location Aware Apps.

pushover - git push deploy server over http

Serve up git repositories over http and accept git pushes.This library makes it super easy to set up custom git push deploy logic.

IMAP Pusher Service

Want push mail from an IMAP server (like Gmail) on your windows mobile device? Then this project is for you. This program runs as a service and subscribes to IMAP IDLE commands to know when new messages arrive at the IMAP mailbox. It will then tell Pocket Outlook to send/recei...

ploy - git push at this http router and it will host your branches on subdomains

server.js should host its http server on process.env.PORT.Now your server.js will be running on http://localhost/. If you push again to master, in a few seconds the new master code will be running on http://localhost/.

thoonk.js - Persistent (and fast!) push feeds, queues, and jobs leveraging Redis

Thoonk is a persistent (and fast!) framework for Redis backed live data and objects, such as push feeds, queues, and jobs. Thoonk lets you create a Model whose methods are mapped to Redis Lua scripts, and can listen for and emit events using Redis pubsub channels.

code-status - Check if any of your git projects needs attention

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, this module will find and list the projects.The paths defaults to the current directory if not specified. The code-status program will look through that directory and all sub-directories scanning for git projects.

pushhub - A github inspired interface to browse your Git repositories, built on top of expressjs and pushover

A github inspired interface to browse your Git repositories, built on top of Express and Pushover. point your browser to http://localhost:3000/ to see your repositories.

careful - Validate git branches according to git-flow before you push / commit code.

Provides a binary that can be used as a git-hook to validate branch names according to git-flow prior to pushing upstream. Skip all checks for certain branches.

cicada - a teeny git-based continuous integration server

Create a new ci server using opts.repodir for storing git blobs and opts.workdir for checking out code.If opts.repodir is a function, check out repositories to the directory specified by the return value of opts.repodir(repo) where repo is the repo name as a string.