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hint.css - A CSS only tooltip library for your lovely websites.

  •    CSS

hint.css is written as a pure CSS resource using which you can create cool accessible tooltips for your web app. It does not rely on JavaScript but rather uses aria-label/data- attribute*, pseudo elements, content property and CSS3 transitions to create the tooltips. Also it uses BEM naming convention particularly for the modifiers.

pure - A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

  •    HTML

Note: You can customize which Pure modules you need. A responsive grid that can be customized to your needs.

icono - One tag One icon, no font or svg, Pure CSS

  •    CSS

icono is an icon pack that needs no external resources. Every tags can be an icon made with pure CSS. You can add icono folder in your project and import icono.less for compile. iconos maincolor can be changed in variable.less.

css-components - :coffee: A set of common UI Components using the power of CSS and without Javascript

  •    HTML

A set of common UI Components using the power of CSS and without Javascript. * CSS3 transitions are not supported in IE8 and below. ** Janky z-index. See tooltip on right example.

docpad-skeleton-yui - A YUI Purecss 0.6.0 skeleton for DocPad.

  •    HTML

YUI Purecss skeleton for DocPad. Simple, flexible and clean HTML and CSS for popular user interface components and interactions.

crucible - API CMS UI powered by Firebase, mithril, and my own dwindling sanity. Oh, and acronyms.

  •    Javascript

You'll want to create a schema first. Schemas are JSON-ish documents that contain some number of fields. Once you've created a schema you can create instances of that schema. All edits are synced in near-real-time to FireBase, so your data should always be in sync.

mega-nav - A simple mega nav menu in pure CSS

  •    HTML

A simple mega nav menu in pure CSS. Mega navs are an effective feature for large menu content and surprisingly easy to implement. If you've wanted to put one together but didn't know where to start, this quick walkthrough is for you.

responsive-css-grid - A super-lightweight, responsive, 8-column grid based on box-sizing

  •    CSS

A super-lightweight, responsive, 8-column grid based on box-sizing. Issues with the output should be reported on the responsive-css-grid issue tracker.

super-simple-css-tooltips - Super simple tooltips

  •    CSS

Easily add a tooltip hover to an element. The tooltip hover can be placed to the left, right, or bottom of an element. A second bottom option includes a pointer. The CSS takes any element that has a tooltip--* class and uses the data-tooltip attribute on the element to provide the tooltip text.

piano - 🎹To play piano using CSS and JavaScript

  •    CSS

This project uses Pug, Stylus and Webpack. With the commands above, you have everything to start.

pure-css - A css module compatible version of purecss

  •    CSS

A css module compatible version of purecss. You will need to use react-css-modules to make use of the class names as purecss classes are not camelCase.