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android-checkout - Library for Android In-App Billing (Version 3+)

  •    Java

Checkout is an implementation of Android In-App Billing API (v3+). Its main goal is to make integration of in-app products as simple and straightforward as possible: developers should not spend much time on implementing boring In-App Billing API but should focus on more important things - their apps. With this in mind, the library was designed to be fast, flexible and secure. Conflict with dependency 'com.google.code.findbugs:jsr305'. Resolved versions for app (a.b.c) and test app (x.y.z) differ.

dolibarr - Dolibarr ERP CRM is a modern software package to manage your company or foundation activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda,

  •    PHP

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern software package to manage your organization's activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda…). It's an Open Source Software (written in PHP language) designed for small, medium or large companies, foundations and freelances.

Coupa Express - e-procurement system

  •    Ruby

Coupa Express is an e-procurement system that helps businesses automate and control their purchasing process. It is so much better than manual purchasing processes. Purchasing automation guarantees your business moves faster, while approval controls ensure disciplined decision-making every step of the way.

in-app-purchase - A Node.js module for in-App-Purchase for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.

  •    Javascript

A node.js module for in-app purchase (in-app billing) and subscription for Apple, Google Play, Amazon Store, Roku, and Windows. NOTE Unity receipt supports the following: Apple, Google Play, and Amazon.

react-native-billing - React Native bridge to InApp Billing on Android.

  •    Java

React Native Billing is built to provide an easy interface to InApp Billing on Android, accomplished by wrapping anjlab's InApp Billing library. With this, the linkcommand will do most of the heavy lifting for native linking. But, you will still need add your Google Play license key to the strings.xml (step 5). If you are using a React Native version less than v18.0 you will also have to do step 4.3 (override onActivityResult).

PatronKit - A framework to add patronage to your apps.

  •    Swift

A framework for add a patronage area to your apps. PatronKit uses CloudKit to record purchases, and then display tallies back to the user. It also shows the user when their patronage expires. This encourages users to donate frequently, hopefully rewarding you for your work.

mixerp - Open Source ERP, HRM, MRP, MPS

  •    PLpgSQL

To keep enchancing and improving MixERP, Frapid, and several other open source projects that we've built, please consider a donation. Thank you for supporting MixERP v1. If you cannot find latest activities in this repository, don't worry. We're working on Frapid framework and individual v2 repositories (listed below) instead.

Autoya - thin framework for Unity.

  •    CSharp

small, thin framework for Unity. which contains essential game features. Unity already contains these feature's foundation, but actually we need more codes for using it in app.

node-win-iap - Verifies windows store receipts.

  •    Javascript

Verifies windows store (in app) purchase receipts.Based on Validating Windows Mobile App Store Receipts Using Node.js.

TPInAppReceipt - Reading and Validating In App Store Receipt

  •    Swift

A lightweight iOS library for reading and validating In-App Receipt. In the above example, the validation process goes through the all verification steps. First, it verifies signature and make sure that it's valid. Second, it makes the hash validation by computing the hash of the GUID and matching with receipt's hash.

InAppPy - Python In-app purchase validator for Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.

  •    Python

In-app purchase validation library for Apple AppStore and GooglePlay. Currently inapppy supports Google Play and App Store receipts validation.

wc4bp - WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

  •    PHP

Shop solution for your BuddyPress community. Integrates a WooCommerce installation with a BuddyPress social network. To run unit test local first you need to have all set inside the vagrant machine. Check the next commands.

cordova-plugin-wizpurchase - Cross-platform mobile application payment API for iOS IAP and Android Billing

  •    Java

A cross-platform mobile application payment API for iOS IAP and Android Billing. A lot of work from the Android side of this plugin must be credited to @poiuytrez's AndroidInAppBilling plugin. We re-used some plugin class code and all the utility classes, but replaced a lot of the API to be usable in a cross-platform manner with iOS. Many thanks goes to him for his hard work.

node-iap - In-app purchase validation for Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku

  •    Javascript

The receipt you pass must conform to the requirements of the backend you are verifying with. Read the next chapter for more information on the format. The receipt string represents the transaction returned from a channel or product purchase.


  •    Java

This plugin allows you to sell digital and virtual goods within your app. It is built on the Android In-App Billing API and the iOS In-App Purchase API. It provides a JavaScript interface similar to the Chrome Apps Google Wallet for Digital Goods API, so that you can use the same API in both a desktop and mobile Chrome App. Beta on Android and iOS.

premiumer - Premiumer makes removing ads with a single in-app purchase as easy as pie.

  •    Java

If the in-app billing service is availabe and premiumer was successfully bound, onBillingAvailable() will be invoked on the listener you provided in the builder, onBillingUnavailable() otherwise. To perform a purchase, invoke premiumer.purchase(Activity). This should be the same Activity overriding onActivityResult. Just before a purchase is shipped over to in-app billing service for processing, you'll receive a onPurchaseRequested(String) callback.

cordova-non-renewing-subscription - Simple API for Non-Renewing Subscriptions based on Fovea's Cordova Purchase Plugin

  •    Javascript

Your app only wants 1 type of In-App Purchase: a Non-Renewing Subscription. You propose only 1 or 2 purchase options? (like 1 month and 1 year).

purchases - MixERP Purchase Management App

  •    PLpgSQL

Welcome to MixERP 2.0 purchase management module. This project uses Frapid Framework.

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