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puppetexplorer - Puppet web interface written in CoffeeScript using AngularJS

  •    TypeScript

Puppet Explorer is a web application for PuppetDB that lets you explore your Puppet data. It is made using AngularJS and runs entirely on the client side, so the only backend that is needed is PuppetDB itself and a web server to share the static resources. It has the same query language as the popular Puppet module dalen-puppetdbquery. This lets you easily filter for a selection of nodes and show the events or facts for only them. So you can handle hosts as groups without needing to have predefined groups, just make them up as you need and click on the pie charts to drill down further. The JavaScript version of this query parser is available as a separate component so you can use it in your own projects easily, node-puppetdbquery.

zentral - Zentral is a framework to gather, process, and monitor system events and link them to an inventory

  •    Python

Zentral is a framework to gather, process, and monitor system events and link them to an inventory. Check out the Wiki to get and overview of the project and for the documentation. This is where the release notes are published too.

puppet-metrics-viewer - A CLI tool for generating visualizations of your Puppet metrics data

  •    Ruby

This repo contains a CLI tool for generating visualizations of your puppet metrics data. It assumes you have collected the metrics using npwalker/pe_metric_curl_cron_jobs.The json2graphite.rb script can be used to transform data in JSON files into a format that can be fed into Graphite.

puppet-puppetdbquery - Query functions for PuppetDB

  •    Ruby

This module implements command line tools and Puppet functions that can be used to query puppetdb. There's also a hiera backend that can be used to return query results from puppetdb. You might not need this puppet module anymore. PuppetDB bundles a simplified query language since version 4.0. So unless you really prefer the syntax in this module you can just use PQL instead. See https://puppet.com/blog/introducing-puppet-query-language-pql for more details.

pypuppetdb - Python library for working with the PuppetDB API

  •    Python

pypuppetdb >= 0.2.2 supports PuppetDB 4.0.0. Backwards compatibility with 3.x is available. This library is a thin wrapper around the REST API providing some convenience functions and objects to request and hold data from PuppetDB.

icingaweb2-module-puppetdb - PuppetDB module for Icinga Web 2 (ImportSource for Icinga Director)

  •    PHP

The main purpose of this module is to provide a PuppetDB import source for Icinga Director. As of this writing it has not even a GUI or CLI component, but this may change in future.