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ReLaXed - Create PDF documents using web technologies

  •    Javascript

ReLaXed creates PDF documents interactively using HTML or Pug (a shorthand for HTML). It allows complex layouts to be defined with CSS and JavaScript, while writing the content in a friendly, minimal syntax close to Markdown or LaTeX. ReLaXed has support for Markdown, LaTeX-style mathematical equations (via MathJax), CSV conversion to HTML tables, plot generation (via Vega-Lite or Chart.js), and diagram generation (via mermaid). Many more features can be added simply by importing an existing JavaScript or CSS framework.

bemto - Smart mixins for writing BEM in Pug

  •    HTML

“Block” is the main thing there. It creates the block from the first passed class and creates the context for all nested elements.

phoenix_expug - Expug integration for Phoenix

  •    Javascript

Expug is a HTML template engine for indented shorthand, inspired by Pug/Jade, Haml and Slim. This package integrates Expug with Phoenix.phoenix-expug © 2016-2017, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License. Authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from contributors (list).

indent.js - Pure code indentation for jsx, tsx, ts, js, html, css, less, scss.

  •    Javascript

Fast, minimalistic, pure code indentation. Indents JavaScript, JSON, JSX, Typescript, TSX, CSS, LESS, SCSS, and HTML. Unlike JSBeautify, which adds new lines when reformatting code and changes single line expressions, indent.js preserves new lines in when indenting it. Indent.js is coded with simple, but universal, and unopinionated rules. Indent.js is thoroughly tested to make sure it correctly indents all styles, and types of code.

html2jade.org - HTML to JADE language online real-time converter - http://html2jade.org/

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Below you will find some information on how to perform common tasks. You can find the most recent version of this guide here.

pugjs-brunch - Adds Pug (aka Jade) support to brunch.

  •    Javascript

See the changes for this version in the CHANGELOG. To compile pug into static, plain HTML, just place your files into the assets directory (usually app/assets).