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ctrlsf.vim - An ack.vim alternative mimics Ctrl-Shift-F on Sublime Text 2

  •    Vim

An ack/ag/pt/rg powered code search and view tool, takes advantage of Vim 8's power to support asynchronous searching, and lets you edit file in-place with Edit Mode. A demo shows how to search a word in an asynchronous way.

vim-grepper - :space_invader: Helps you win at grep.

  •    Vim

Use your favorite grep tool (ag, ack, git grep, ripgrep, pt, sift, findstr, grep) to start an asynchronous search. All matches will be put in a quickfix or location list. This plugin works with Vim and Neovim on Unix-like systems. It's mostly working on Windows as well.

parse-unit - parses number and unit, '20px' into [20, 'px']

  •    Javascript

Parses a number and unit string, eg "20px" into [20, "px"].Parses the string and its unit, returning an array containing the number and unit, separated.

socyl - The emacs frontend for several search tools (ag, pt, sift, ripgrep, ...)

  •    Emacs

The emacs frontend for several search tools (ag, pt, sift, ripgrep, ...)

stylus-type-utils - Stylus typography functions and type conversion

  •    CSS

Much needed Stylus typeography unit coersion and normalization. Provides several common unit conversion functions to convert between types effortlessly and in sync with the content font size. To use the stylus-type-utils library within your framework, use @import or use via the Stylus JS API.

emlid-docs-pt - Emlid docs in Portuguese

  •    HTML

We use mkdocs to build the docs and Pipenv to manage the dependencies. This will build the <target> and save the generated docs to <dir>.