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php-pm - PPM is a process manager, supercharger and load balancer for modern PHP applications.

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PHP-PM is a process manager, supercharger and load balancer for PHP applications. It's based on ReactPHP and works best with applications that use request-response frameworks like Symfony's HTTPKernel. The approach of this is to kill the expensive bootstrap of PHP (declaring symbols, loading/parsing files) and the bootstrap of feature-rich frameworks. See Performance section for a quick hint. PHP-PM basically spawns several PHP instances as worker bootstraping your application (eg. the whole Symfony Kernel) and hold it in the memory to be prepared for every incoming request: This is why PHP-PM makes your application so fast.

Slim - A micro framework for PHP

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Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. Slim provides a fast and powerful router that maps route callbacks to specific HTTP request methods and URIs. It supports parameters and pattern matching. Slim supports any PSR-7 HTTP message implementation so you may inspect and manipulate HTTP message method, status, URI, headers, cookies, and body.

saber - ⚔️ Saber, 高性能高可用HTTP客户端 | High performance and high availability HTTP client - Swoole Humanization Component Library

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HTTP军刀(呆毛王), Swoole人性化组件库之PHP高性能HTTP客户端, 基于Swoole原生协程, 支持多种风格操作, 底层提供高性能解决方案, 让开发者专注于功能开发, 从传统同步阻塞且配置繁琐的Curl中解放. Swoole底层实现协程调度, 业务层无需感知, 开发者可以无感知的用同步的代码编写方式达到异步IO的效果和超高性能,避免了传统异步回调所带来的离散的代码逻辑和陷入多层回调中导致代码无法维护.