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node-prune - Easily pruning unneeded files from node_modules folder

  •    Shell

Easily pruning unneeded files from node_modules. Original script written by gpittarelli and neophob.

docker-system-prune - Docker system prune automatically

  •    Shell

Executes the docker system prune command to allow automatize its execution. This image allows you to program automatically when a prune will be done in your hosts.

atom-morpher - Atom Package that helps you run code transformations on the current buffer

  •    Javascript

morpher is a package for the atom text editor that provides an API and UI for programmatically changing the text, cursor position, and selection range of the current buffer. The user writes "transforms" in ~/.atom/morpher-transforms.js, and can bring up a list of these transforms, then choose one to execute on the current buffer.