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infrakit - A toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure.

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InfraKit is a toolkit for infrastructure orchestration. With an emphasis on immutable infrastructure, it breaks down infrastructure automation and management processes into small, pluggable components. These components work together to actively ensure the infrastructure state matches the user's specifications. InfraKit therefore provides infrastructure support for higher-level container orchestration systems and can make your infrastructure self-managing and self-healing. In this video, InfraKit was used to build a custom linux operating system (based on linuxkit). We then deployed a cluster of virtual machine instances on a local Mac laptop using the Mac Xhyve hypervisor (HyperKit). A cluster of 3 servers booted up in seconds. Later, after the custom OS image has been updated with a new public key, InfraKit detects the change and orchestrates a rolling update of the nodes. We then deploy the same OS image to a bare-metal ARM server running on Packet.net, where the server uses custom ipxe boot directly from the localhost. It demonstrates some of the key concepts and components in InfraKit and shows how InfraKit can be used to implement an integrated workflow from custom OS image creation to cluster deployment and Day N management. The entire demo is published as a playbook, and you can create your own playbooks too.

lastbackend - System for containerized apps management. From build to scaling.

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Last.Backend is an open source platform for containerized application management: from deploy to scale. This solution is based on container technology. All these runtimes are documented in runtime section, where are described all methods, types and algorithms.

midPoint - Identity Provisioning system

  •    Java

midPoint is an Identity Provisioning system. It is a comprehensive tool that synchronizes several identity repositories and databases, manages them and makes them available in a unified form. It belongs to the Identity Provisioning category of the Enterprise Identity Management field, however midPoint itself is not limited to the enterprise. It can work equally well also for cloud services, Internet portals, telcos and service providers and so on.

SharePoint Account Provision


Account provisioning webparts for SharePoint 2007. Provides an administrative interface in SharePoint for creating new users. Users can also change their password from SharePoint.

FIM Codeless Provisioning Framework


The Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) Metaverse Rules Extension is a standalone extension that allows for administrators to create advanced

SPMeta2 - Fluent API for code-based SharePoint artifact provisioning

  •    Javascript

SPMeta2 is a research project by spdevlab.com team aims to provide fluent API for SharePoint objects provision, deployment and retraction.

Multiple Site Manager for SharePoint


Multiple Site Manager for SharePoint is a server tool which allows administrators to create, delete, and manage SharePoint 2007 sites, site collections, and My Sites either using a CSV file. Site columns with specific settings can also be created using XML.

The Last FIM Metaverse Extension You Will Ever Need


This is a Forefront Identity Manager Metaverse Extension that will provide the user with codeless provisioning.

partinfra-terraform - Terraform configuration for Participation Infrastructure

  •    HCL

partinfra-terraform is a collection of resources and modules to manage the cloud infrastructure that power various sites related to mozilla community. The code in this repository is authored and maintained by Mozilla engineers and a vibrant community of volunteer contributors.For issue tracking we use bugzilla.mozilla.org. Create a bug on bugzilla.mozilla.org under Participation Infrastructure > Community Ops component.

GloboNetworkAPI - API to automate IP Networking documentation, resource allocation and provisioning.

  •    Python

Globo NetworkAPI is a REST API that manages IP networking resources. It is supposed to be not just an IPAM, but a centralized point of network control, allowing documentation from physical and logical network and starting configuration requests to equipments.Globo NetworkAPI is made to support a Web User Interface features, exposing its functionality to be used with any other client.

rigger - rigger is a tool to deploy Deis v1 on a variety of cloud providers.

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rigger is your interface to deploying Deis on a variety of cloud providers and is currently only for development and Deis cluster trial purposes.A rigger (in construction) is a person who specializes in the lifting and moving of extremely large or heavy objects. They understand the ins and outs of static and dynamic loads and their expertise is of paramount importance to ensure that the components of a project are delivered safely and expediently into the exact positions. Consider the complexities involved for a rigger when replacing a 38 ton thruster on the DCV Balder. Therefore, naming this tool "rigger" makes sense: it's your highly experienced aide in lifting your Deis platform into position.

pharmer - 🌾 Kubernetes Cluster Manager for Kubeadm

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appscode/pre-k: Contains a set of handy commands that you run before kubeadm init.This is alpha. If you are interested to learn more, talk to us in our slack channel.

amp - An open source CaaS for Docker, batteries included.

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An open source CaaS for Docker, batteries included.While not recommended for production use quite yet, it's getting close (anticipated shortly after v0.12). You'll be able to create your own HA cluster on the cloud, or use our playground. In the meantime, you can get started on your own laptop with amp cluster create using the CLI.

terraform-provisioner-ansible - Marrying ansible with terraform 0.11+

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Ansible with Terraform - remote and local. Linux host and target only.

albatross - Virtual machine manager - provision, deploy, observe your unikernels

  •    OCaml

A set of binaries to manage, provision, and deploy virtual machine images. This is very much work in progress, don't expect anything stable. Please read the blog article for motivation and an overview.

fabsetup - Yet another setup script for linux software, configurations and services.

  •    Python

Fabric tasks in order to set up and maintain configurations, software installations and other things on a local or remote linux system (most functionality for Debian/Ubuntu). fabsetup is a fabric script.

pouch - Tools to provision secrets using Vault with AppRole authentication method

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Pouch and friends are a set of tools to manage provisioning of secrets on hosts based on the AppRole authentication method of Vault. Pouch encourages the application of the good practices of this authentication method by using secret IDs with response wrapping.

hap - A simple and effective provisioner

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Hap helps manage build scripts with git and run them concurrently on multiple remote hosts using composable blocks. First, hap create to setup a new local repo. Then add hosts to the generated Hapfile. Once hosts are in place, run hap build to execute the build blocks and commands specified in the Hapfile for each host. After hap build a .happened file is saved with the current sha of remote repo. To run hap build again a new commit is required or use the --force param.

generator-aws - A Yeoman generator that provisions an AWS-powered backend for your HTML5 app

  •    Javascript

From there, pick a template and respond to the prompts. Basically, he wears a top hat, lives in your computer, and waits for you to tell him what kind of application you wish to create.

gentoo-build - shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform

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shell scripts that builds systemd based gentoo box for x86_64 platform. packer build should be run in the repository root directory.