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node-canada - Cities and provinces from Canada for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Fetch provinces and cities from Canada.Returns the 3 Canadian territories.

react-country-region-selector - Country / region dropdown components for your forms.

  •    Javascript

A feature you often need in forms is a connected country and region dropdown, where the region field gets automatically updated when the user selects a country. Coding this is easy of course, but it's a royal pain having to track down all the raw country-region data. This script contains a pair of components to let you add this feature quickly and easily to your forms. It's the React version of this script. Check out the github pages section for some examples + example JSX code.

ir-city-select - List of Iran provinces and cities to use in HTML forms. ( ~2.3KB gzipped )

  •    Javascript

Easily place a list of provinces and cities of Iran on your HTML <form> using simple <select> elements. to be completed ...

get-countries-info - Get countries, states, currency, language, phone code, ISO standards, etc.

  •    Javascript

Collection of 231 countries with detailed, information, such a, 'languages', 'currencies', 'provinces', 'timezones' and etc. even link to "wiki". You can fetch only that fields which you need in specific country only or all together. As you noted, first argument is query object, and second is a string name of property you want to fetch. Full data structure with all fields you'll see below. Also in vanilla-javaScript mode, you can fetch only one specific property at time or all together. So if you want to fetch couple additional properties, you have to call this function for each property, or you can use graphQL mode and in one query fetch all you need.

countryjs - [unmaintained] A module for returning data about countries, ISO info and states/provinces within them

  •    Javascript

A Node.js module for returning data about countries, ISO info and states/provinces within them. To run in-browser, you'll need the bulkify transform for browserify, as it pairs with bulk-require, to staticly resolve each country JSON.

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