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citypicker - citypicker城市选择器,详细的省市区地址信息,支持仿iOS滚轮实现,一级或者三级列表展示方式。

  •    Java


provinces - state and province lists for countries

  •    Javascript

Requiring the module gives you an array of object rows.

iran - Administrative divisions of Iran in json and xml formats - تقسیمات کشوری ایران با فرمت جی‌سان و ایکس ام ال

  •    Javascript

On the first level of country subdivisions of Iran are the provinces. Each province is further subdivided into counties called shahrestan (Persian: شهرستان shahrestān‎), and each shahrestan is subdivided into districts called bakhsh (Persian: بخش bakhsh‎). There are usually a few cities (Persian: شهر shahr‎) in each county. Require.js require([“iran”], ...

ir-city-select - List of Iran provinces and cities to use in HTML forms. ( ~2.3KB gzipped )

  •    Javascript

Easily place a list of provinces and cities of Iran on your HTML <form> using simple <select> elements. to be completed ...

china-address - 提供省市县分词

  •    Javascript

提供中国地址的 省 市 县 信息查询. 返回一个包含该地址所属省市县信息的数组.

get-countries-info - Get countries, states, currency, language, phone code, ISO standards, etc.

  •    Javascript

Collection of 231 countries with detailed, information, such a, 'languages', 'currencies', 'provinces', 'timezones' and etc. even link to "wiki". You can fetch only that fields which you need in specific country only or all together. As you noted, first argument is query object, and second is a string name of property you want to fetch. Full data structure with all fields you'll see below. Also in vanilla-javaScript mode, you can fetch only one specific property at time or all together. So if you want to fetch couple additional properties, you have to call this function for each property, or you can use graphQL mode and in one query fetch all you need.

countryjs - [unmaintained] A module for returning data about countries, ISO info and states/provinces within them

  •    Javascript

A Node.js module for returning data about countries, ISO info and states/provinces within them. To run in-browser, you'll need the bulkify transform for browserify, as it pairs with bulk-require, to staticly resolve each country JSON.

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