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oembed - The oEmbed Spec

  •    PHP

These files represent the current oEmbed spec as seen at http://oembed.com and any drafts.

Pure memcached SessionStateProvider

  •    DotNet

Miramemcachedsession is a pure memcached based implementation of a .net SessionStateProvider. This can be used in load-balanced environments with short lived sessions. This provider should only be used in very specific scenarios. It's developed in the c# language.

Membership PowerShell Provider


The Membership PowerShell Provider makes managing your ASP.NET Membership accounts easy and friendly. It provides a configurable "users" drive you can use to interact with the Membership provider as if it were a file system.

DotNetNuke® FCKeditor™ Provider


DotNetNuke® FCKeditor™ Provider makes the popular FCKeditor the default text editor for your DNN site.

DotNetNuke Search Engine Sitemaps Provider


The iFinity DotNetNuke Search Engine Sitemaps Provider project generates Search Engine Sitemaps for DotNetNuke installs.

ng-decorators - ES6 decorators for easy creating services, providers, controllers and directives

  •    Javascript

The business logic for transforming the ES6 classes to support angular 1.x syntaks is from Michael Bromley project angular-es6. You need to run babel with the option 'es7.decorators' enabled.

env-providers - :construction_worker: Load Laravel service providers based on your application's environment

  •    PHP

A more finetuned way of managing your service providers in Laravel. This package allows you to configure the environment certain service providers and aliases are loaded in. After that, you should see the file config/providers.php. In the created configuration file you can see 2 pre-defined provider groups that will help you set up what providers and aliases should be loaded when the application is in any of the given environments.