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DotNetty - a port of netty, event-driven asynchronous network application framework

  •    CSharp

DotNetty is a port of Netty, asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients.

fapro - Fake Protocol Server


FaPro is a Fake Protocol Server tool, Can easily start or stop multiple network services. The goal is to support as many protocols as possible, and support as many deep interactions as possible for each protocol.

ApplicationCoordinator - Coordinators Essential tutorial

  •    Swift

A lot of developers need to change navigation flow frequently, because it depends on business tasks. And they spend a huge amount of time for re-writing code. In this approach, I demonstrate our implementation of Coordinators, the creation of a protocol-oriented, testable architecture written on pure Swift without the downcast and, also to avoid the violation of the S.O.L.I.D. principles. Based on the post about Application Coordinators khanlou.com and Application Controller pattern description martinfowler.com.

mockolo - Efficient Mock Generator for Swift

  •    Swift

Mockolo is an efficient mock generator for Swift. Swift doesn't provide mocking support, and Mockolo provides a fast and easy way to autogenerate mock objects that can be tested in your code. One of the main objectives of Mockolo is fast performance. Unlike other frameworks, Mockolo provides highly performant and scalable generation of mocks via a lightweight commandline tool, so it can run as part of a linter or a build if one chooses to do so. Try Mockolo and enhance your project's test coverage in an effective, performant way. One of the main objectives of this project is high performance. There aren't many 3rd party tools that perform fast on a large codebase containing, for example, over 2M LoC or over 10K protocols. They take several hours and even with caching enabled take several minutes. Mockolo was built to make highly performant generation of mocks possible (in the magnitude of seconds) on such large codebase. It uses a minimal set of frameworks necessary (mentioned in the Used libraries section) to keep the code lean and efficient.

bo - The Swiss army knife of data examination and manipulation

  •    C

The Swiss army knife of data examination and manipulation. This is the tool to use when you need to visualize or convert data in different formats.

lightmqtt - MQTT 3

  •    C

LightMQTT is a MQTT 3.1.1 client library written in pure C and designed to work with both embedded and large systems. Examples are available under examples.

netvis - d3.js-based tool to visualize network communication for arbitrary protocols

  •    Javascript

Visualize any network activity by describing your network events in a straightforward JSON-based NetVis format detailing network nodes, events and messages. Convert your server logs / network trace files to NetVis format and quickly visualize them. Generic nature of the tool means support for visualizing communication in any existing protocols, including IP, TCP, HTTP, TSL, BitCoin or IPFS as well as a pefrect tool for developing new network protocols.

Archit-iOS - Intelygenz iOS Architecture

  •    Swift

This repository contains an iOS architecture documentation with a sample application that uses OMDb API and implements the Archit architecture. Open Xcode and select File -> New -> Target...

protocols - Multi-type protocol-based polymorphism

  •    Javascript

@zkat/protocols is a JavaScript library is a library for making groups of methods, called "protocols", that work together to provide some abstract functionality that other things can then rely on. If you're familiar with the concept of "duck typing", then it might make sense to think of protocols as things that explicitly define what methods you need in order to "clearly be a duck". On top of providing a nice, clear interface for defining these protocols, this module clear, useful errors when implementations are missing something or doing something wrong.

protoduck - Duck typing for the most serious of ducks.

  •    Javascript

protoduck is a JavaScript library is a library for making groups of methods, called "protocols". If you're familiar with the concept of "duck typing", then it might make sense to think of protocols as things that explicitly define what methods you need in order to "clearly be a duck".

genfun - Prototype-friendly multimethods for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

genfun is a Javascript library that lets you define generic functions: regular-seeming functions that can be invoked just like any other function, but that automatically dispatch methods based on the combination of arguments passed to it when it's called, also known as multiple dispatch. It was inspired by Slate, CLOS and Sheeple.

sockio - Concurrency agnostic socket with semantics

  •    Python

A python concurrency agnostic socket library. Helpful when handling with instrumentation which work over TCP and implement simple REQ-REP communication protocols (example: SCPI).

pyasn1 - Generic ASN.1 library for Python

  •    Python

This is a free and open source implementation of ASN.1 types and codecs as a Python package. It has been first written to support particular protocol (SNMP) but then generalized to be suitable for a wide range of protocols based on ASN.1 specification. ASN.1 solves the data serialisation problem. This solution was designed long ago by the wise Ancients. Back then, they did not have the luxury of wasting bits. That is why ASN.1 is designed to serialise data structures of unbounded complexity into something compact and efficient when it comes to processing the data.

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