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prototool - Your Swiss Army Knife for Protocol Buffers

  •    Go

Protobuf is one of the best interface description languages out there - it's widely adopted, and after over 15 years of use, it's practically bulletproof. However, working with Protobuf and maintaining consistency across your Protobuf files can be a pain - protoc, while being a tool that has stood the test of time, is non-trivial to use, and the Protobuf community has not developed common standards with regards to stub generation. Prototool aims to solve this by making working with Protobuf much simpler. Prototool accomplishes this by downloading and calling protoc on the fly for you, handing error messages from protoc and your plugins, and using the generated FileDescriptorSets for internal functionality, as well as wrapping a few great external libraries already in the Protobuf ecosystem.

ts-protoc-gen - Protocol Buffers Compiler (protoc) plugin for TypeScript and gRPC-Web.

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains a protoc plugin that generates TypeScript declarations (.d.ts files) that match the JavaScript output of protoc --js_out=import_style=commonjs,binary. This plugin can also output service definitions as both .js and .d.ts files in the structure required by grpc-web. This plugin is tested and written using TypeScript 2.7.

proto - parser for Google ProtocolBuffers definition

  •    Go

This repository also includes 2 commands. The protofmt tool is for formatting .proto files and the proto2xsd tool is for generating XSD files from .proto version 3 files.See folder cmd/proto2xsd/README.md for more details.

go-protoparser - Yet another Go package which parses a Protocol Buffer file (proto3)

  •    Go

go-protoparser is a yet another Go package which parses a Protocol Buffer file (proto3). A Protocol Buffer file versioned 3 which is an example of the official reference.

falanx - Generates F# code from schema generators and codecs

  •    F#

The solution has four projects. This maps ProvidedTypes, Methods, and Properties that are defined in the Type Provider SDK to AST entities.

protolint - A pluggable tool to enforce Protocol Buffer style and conventions.

  •    Go

In the downloads section of each release, you can find pre-built binaries in .tar.gz packages. protolint does not require configuration by default, for the majority of projects it should work out of the box.