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config - Configuration library for JVM languages

Configuration library for JVM languages.This library limits itself to config files. If you want to load config from a database or something, you would need to write some custom code. The library has nice support for merging configurations so if you build one from a custom source it's easy to merge it in.

File Metadata

Enable Explorer in Vista, Windows 7 and later to see, edit and search on tags and other metadata for any file type

Easy tasklist for sharepoint

This webpart for sharepoint allows users to see in a grid what their workflow tasks are, what the properties of the document are, and what tasks are assigned to groups they are member of. It's also possible to see which groupmember claimed the task.

Web Property Creator

Web Property Creator is a tool for exposing properties on web pages or web user controls. Create properties that use Session, ViewState or object sources.

Settings4Net - The Ultimate Settings/Configurations Library for .NET

Settings4Net is the last library you will ever need managing your project's settings. Think it as a standard .NET Settings class "on steroids". Beyond obvious functionality of storing/retrieving your program/user settings - you can add various restrictions, default values, etc.

kaconf - KickAss Configuration. An annotation-based configuration system for Java and Kotlin

KickAss is an Annotation-based configuration system inspired in the wonderful Spring Boot.The ConfiguratorBuilder class allows building a Configurator object. The ConfiguratorBuilder.addSource method sets the different sources of properties (PropertySource interface). The PropertySource with most priority is the first instance passed as argument to the addSource method, and the PropertySource with least preference is the object passed to the last addSource invocation.