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propeller - Propeller - Develop more, Code less

  •    HTML

Detailed User Manual which provides step by step usage for every Propeller component. Follow our Guidelines and get familiar with the basic setup and structure.

crudlfap - Material Design DRY Django Creates Reads Updates Deletes Lists Forms Autocompletes + views

  •    Javascript

CRUDLFA+ stands for Create Read Update Delete List Form Autocomplete and more. This plugin for Django makes a rich user interface from Django models.

BlocklyProp - Blockly based visual programming editor for Propeller C

  •    Javascript

BlocklyProp generates Spin and C code, and can compile and load into the Propeller with a single click on the web-page. This current version is a rewrite of the latest php version. It's now written in Java and runs on a Tomcat server. To make the BlocklyPropClient lighter and to support Chromebooks and tablets compilation is now done on the server.

BlocklyPropClient - Client to provide access to the propeller for loading binaries and serial terminal

  •    HTML

The BlocklyPropClient is a Python client for the hosted version of BlocklyProp. It provides the spin and Prop-C compiler, it can load your programs in to the prop and creates a serial connection from the browser to the propeller. You will first have to install some python dependencies before you can run BlocklyPropClient.

PropWare - C++ objects and CMake build system for Parallax Propeller

  •    C++

Start by installing the software from the download page, follow it up with the Getting Started instructions, and then become a pro by familiarizing yourself with the API documentation and reference material.

django-propeller - Develop more, Code less

  •    Python

Write Django as usual, and let django-propeller make template output into code based on Google's Material Design Standards & Bootstrap. The demo application provides a number of useful examples.

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