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aws-lambda-invoke - Invoke AWS Lambda functions with ease

  •    Javascript

Make sure the aws-sdk is available in the project. The SDK is not shipped with this library because it is globally available in AWS Lambda. By not embedding the SDK, you can keep te footprint of the lambda build is small as possible.The invoke method calls the lambda function synchronously. This means that it will wait untill the called lambda function returns a result or fails.

micro-promisify - Convert callback-based JS function into promise. Simple, 10LOC, no deps.

  •    Javascript

Convert callback-based function into promise. Simple, 10LOC, no deps.Node.js 4+ and modern browsers only.

p-event - Promisify an event by waiting for it to be emitted

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need only one event emission and want to use it with promises or await it in an async function.If you want multiple individual events as they are emitted, this module is not for you, as a Promise is a single value. Instead, just continue using event callback or use Observables.

await-timeout - A Promise-based API for setTimeout / clearTimeout

  •    Javascript

Constructs new timeout instance. It does not start timer but creates variable for timer manipulation.

native-promisify-if-present - Return a promise from a callback-as-last-argument function using native a Promise, but only if native Promises exist

  •    Javascript

Conditionally returns a promise from a callback-as-last-argument function using a native Promise, but only if native Promises exist, and you didn't pass in a callback. Otherwise your callback function works as usual.

util.promisify - Polyfill/shim for util.promisify in node versions < v8

  •    Javascript

This package provides the built-in util.promisify in node v8.0.0 and later, and a replacement in other environments. Note: this package requires a native ES5 environment, and for Promise to be globally available. It will throw upon requiring it if these are not present.

vue-modal-dialogs - Promisify dialogs in Vue!

  •    Javascript

A typical and essential type of user interaction is dialogs. Dialogs are somehow similar to Promise. A dialog will eventually close. A Promise will eventually resolve. A dialog returns some data when it closes. So does Promise. It is time to put them together. vue-modal-dialogs has the magic to turn dialogs into Promises. Developers can build and control dialogs a lot easier in Vue.js applications. Especially in some complicated situations like controlling multiple dialogs, nested dialogs, etc.

instapromise - Promisify node style async functions by putting a `

  •    Javascript

Promisify Node-style asynchronous functions by putting a .promise after them (or after the object for methods). If you use this library then if you put .promise after a Node-style asynchronous function, it will turn it into a function that returns a promise instead of taking a callback.

typed-promisify - Typescript promise helpers

  •    TypeScript

Convert a node style callback function to one returning a promise. Promise aware map.

promiseproxy - Promisify callback-style APIs with ES2015 Proxy :whale:

  •    Javascript

A yet another library for promisifying callback-style APIs, but this time implemented using the ES2015 Proxy object. It works by intercepting method calls to the API and returning a promise if a callback parameter was expected. The benefit of using proxies is that the API is extended without the need to duplicate or mutate the original API implementation. The main functionality of the proxies is implemented in less than 20 lines, making this approach lightweight and easily auditable.

wxapp-promisify - 微信小程序wx对象的API,promise化

  •    Javascript

让微信小城的对全局对wx的api返回promise. 对所有api增加Async后缀,则调用异步api,并且返回promise.

promisify-all - Promisify all Node.js builtin async methods

  •    Javascript

Call promisifyAll as follows to customize suffix. The default suffix is Async.

util-promisifyAll - PromisifyAll built with node 8's builtin util.promisify

  •    Javascript

bluebird's promisifyAll implemented with node 8.x's builtin util.promisify. For those times when you don't want to pull in all of bluebird just to promisify some functions. This library wraps any traditional callback-based library and attempts to promisify any function exported by the module or its prototype.

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