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es6-promise - A polyfill for ES6-style Promises

A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous code

promise-fun - Promise packages, patterns, chat, and tutorials

I intend to use this space to document my promise modules, useful promise patterns, and how to solve common problems. For now though, you can see all my promise modules below.Star this repo to show your interest, so I can know whether to prioritize this work.

jdeferred - Java Deferred/Promise library similar to JQuery.

JDeferred is a Java Deferred/Promise library similar to JQuery's Deferred Object.Inspired by JQuery and Android Deferred Object.

android-deferred-object - Android implementation of the deferred object pattern as seen on jQuery http://api

Android-Deferred-Object is a chainable utility object that can register multiple callbacks into callback queues, invoke callback queues, and relay the success or failure state of any synchronous or asynchronous function.It's similar to the DeferredObject in jQuery which in turn is bassed on the CommonJS Promises/A design. In most cases the names of the functions are preserved as in jQuery so there's no confusion for those that already know the pattern. Obviously some things needed to be changed because of the lack of anonymous functions and the strong types in Java.