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VS Prolog 2010

VSProlog is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that allows coloring the prolog code. I use Prolog with Visual Studio and I was tired of having Visual Studio beheaving just like notepad, thus, this extension.

awesome-prolog - ⚡️ Curated list of Prolog packages and resources

A curated list of open-source Prolog frameworks, libraries and resources.Have a look at the Contributing Guidelines on how to get started.

SimpleProlog - Prolog interpreter in JavaScript/Node.js, WIP

SimpleProlog interpreter in JavaScript. If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.

hatlog - custom type systems for python in prolog: http://alehander42.me/prolog_type_systems

they describe the type rules for python nodes, e.g. and some builtin methods, e.g.

hopes - Higher Order Prolog with Extensional Semantics

HOPES is a prototype interpreter for a higher-order PROLOG-like language. The syntax of the language extends that of PROLOG by supporting higher-order constructs (such as higher-order predicate variables, partial application and lambda terms). In particular, the syntax allows clauses (and queries) that contain uninstantiated predicate variables. The interpreter implements a higher-order top-down SLD-resolution proof procedure described in CKRW13 together with the semantics of the language.

func - Apply and compose functions in Prolog

This module allows one to apply ($/2) and compose (of/2) terms as if they were functions. One often uses predicates as these functions, but one can define function behavior for arbitrary terms. See "What is a function" and "Defining functions" below. Why? Prolog predicates are more powerful than functions, but sometimes the syntax is awkward or requires meaningless effort from the developer (generating and maintaining intermediate variable names and goals). Using library(func) often results in more succinct, clearer code. For example, the use of atom_codes/2 in the Synopsis above.

regex - Regular expressions for Prolog

Regular expression support for Prolog. When Prologers want to match a string against a pattern, they typically write a DCG. DCGs are powerful and flexible. For medium to large patterns, they are also easier to read and maintain. However, for small and local patterns the overhead of writing and naming auxiliary predicates can be too much. In those circumstances, one might prefer a regular expression. This pack makes it possible.

prolog_puzzles - Prolog puzzles for fun and profit (mostly fun)

These are exercises I created back in 2007 while TAing "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming" at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, Germany. I know that a lot of people still personally hate me for this. If you never hacked in Prolog before, learn it! It's fun and it makes you a Better Person™.

Utilities - Uncategorized utilities

Uncategorized utilities that do not need their own repository. Small dumb utility to port obvious function matches across two IDA databases.