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json-mask - Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.

  •    Javascript

This is a tiny language and an engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding/masking the rest.The main difference between JSONPath / JSONSelect and this engine is that JSON Mask preserves the structure of the original input object. Instead of returning an array of selected sub-elements (e.g. [{a: 1}, {z: 1}] from example above), it filters-out the parts of the object that you don't need, keeping the structure unchanged: {p: {a: 1}, z: 1}.

Proj4Leaflet - Smooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet.

  •    Javascript

This Leaflet plugin adds support for using projections supported by Proj4js. Proj4Leaflet uses Leaflet 1.0.3, for compatibility with Leaflet 0.7.x use the 0.7.2 release.



A .NET 2.0 library that performs coordinate conversions between various geodetic coordinate systems for use in fx. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or GPS applications. Support include: - Datum transformations - Geographic, Geocentric, and Projected coordinate systems - Comp

Marr DataMapper


Marr DataMapper provides a fast and easy to use wrapper around ADO.NET that enables you to focus more on your data access queries without having to write plumbing code. Load one-to-one, one-to-many, and hierarchical entity models with ease. No special base class required.



Proj4Net is a C#/.Net library to transform point coordinates from one geographic coordinate system to another, including datum transformation. The core of this library is a port of the Proj4J library.

Using projection to build a 3D carousel in Silverlight 3

  •    CSharp

In this example I use the new projection properties in Silverlight 3 to build a 3D image carousel. Moving the mouse left to right controls the speed and direction of the carousel. Moving the mouse up and down changes the opacity of the carousel.

camera-picking-ray - creates a picking ray for a 2D/3D camera

  •    Javascript

Creates a picking ray for a camera. Commonly used for mouse interaction in 2D and 3D games.The camera is assumed to have a projection and view matrix, which can be combined and inverted to form invProjView.

camera-unproject - unproject 2D point to 3D coordinate

  •    Javascript

Unprojects a 2D screen space point into 3D space using the inverse of your camera's combined matrix.Unprojects the 2D point into 3D space using the viewport bounds (screen x, y, width, height) and invCombined matrix.

perspective-camera - a high-level 3D perspective camera

  •    Javascript

A high-level 3D perspective camera with a familiar and convenient interface, built from modular pieces.See demo/canvas.js for a full example, using Canvas2D.

express-partial-response - Express middleware for filtering-out parts of JSON responses based on the `fields` query-string; à la Google API's Partial Response

  •    Javascript

This Express Middleware will allow you to send a subset of a JSON object instead of an entire object from your HTTP services. To do so, your services will begin accepting the ?fields= query-string that, using a simple language, will specify which fields and sub-feelds to keep and which to ignore.If you've used the Google APIs, provided a ?fields= query-string to get a Partial Response, and wanted to do the same for your own server, now you can do so with this middleware.

Perspex - Helper for perspective projection calculations - set up a camera and start projecting 3D points to 2D!

  •    Javascript

The demo shows you what's possible. Documentation coming. Code cleanup coming. Sorry.Note: The demo deliberately collides objects to test depth sorting and (in future) occlusion culling. This is not a bug. Up the geometry resolution to (kill your computer) and see it work a little more nicely.

sphericalmercator - Spherical Mercator math in Javascript

  •    Javascript

node-sphericalmercator provides projection math for converting between mercator meters, screen pixels (of 256x256 or configurable-size tiles), and latitude/longitude.Compatible with nodejs packages and in-browser.

healpix - convert between lonlat and HEALPix coordinates

  •    Javascript

HEALPix coordinates are an equal area projection very similar to cube mapping. This coordinate system is used heavily in cosmology, where equal-area and uniform point distribution are important for density comparisons and binning.Create a healpix projection parameterized by H,K.

gl-viewport - toggle between orthographic and perspective projection camera views

  •    Javascript

Run this demo on requirebin.Create a viewport instance vport from a game-shell shell.

mapshaper-proj - A JavaScript port of the Proj.4 map projection library.

  •    Javascript

This software is a JavaScript port of v4.9.3 of the Proj.4 map projection library. Although it was created to be used by mapshaper, all are welcome to use and improve it.Why create another Proj.4 port, when there is already proj4js? Unlike proj4js, this port is a very literal translation to JavaScript, so staying up-to-date with future changes to Proj.4 should be relatively simple. Also, this software's output is more consistent with Proj.4's output.

projzh - Projection utilities for working with Baidu maps

  •    Javascript

This package provides utilities for working with coordinate reference systems used by Baidu maps. The algorithms are ported from the proj4m project which is licensed under the GPL v3. As far as I understand, the coordinate reference system for Baidu Maps uses a custom Mercator projection and the BD-09 datum. The BD-09 datum applies additional transforms on top of the GCJ-02 datum.

krpano-arrows - Flat directional arrows projected in 3d for krpano player.

  •    HTML

Full plugin with examples and documentation is packed in arrows.zip. For more details check out documentation or clone the repo. Simple node server is used in case you need to try html5 version. Gulp is used to minify xml and create zip archive to be downloadable from the site. You'll need node and gulp.

reproject - Change, convert, transform, reproject GeoJSON between different projections / CRS

  •    Javascript

Transforms GeoJSON from one projection / CRS to another. However, where all involved parties have a prior arrangement, alternative coordinate reference systems can be used without risk of data being misinterpreted.

backbone.projections - backbone.projections is a set of projections for Backbone.Collection

  •    CoffeeScript

Backbone.Projections is a library of projections for Backbone.Collection. Projection is a read-only collection which contains some subset of an other underlying collection and stays in sync with it. That means that projection will respond correspondingly to add, remove and other events from an underlying collection.