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Templates - Professional ASP

  •    CSharp

A professional ASP.NET Core template for building secure, fast, robust and adaptable web applications or sites. It provides the minimum amount of code required on top of the default ASP.NET Core template provided by Microsoft. Find out more at RehanSaeed.com, the Visual Studio Gallery or at The Open Web Security Project (OWASP). You can also follow me on Twitter at @RehanSaeedUK.Both ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET 4.6 MVC 5 are supported with their own project templates.

project-layout - Standard Go Project Layout

  •    Makefile

This is a basic layout for Go application projects. It's not an official standard defined by the core Go dev team; however, it is a set of common project layout patterns emerging in the Go ecosystem. Some of these patterns are more popular than others. It also has a number of small enhancements along with several supporting directories common to any large enough real world application. If you are trying to learn Go or if you are building a PoC or a toy project for yourself this project layout is an overkill. Start with something really simple (a single main.go file is more than enough). As your project grows keep in mind that it'll be important to make sure your code is well structured otherwise you'll end up with a messy code with lots of hidden dependencies and global state. When you have more people working on the project you'll need even more structure. That's when it's important to introduce a common way to manage packages/libraries. When you have an open source project or when you know other projects import the code from your project repository that's when it's important to have private (aka internal) packages and code. Clone the repository, keep what you need and delete everything else! Just because it's there it doesn't mean you have to use it all. None of these patterns are used in every single project. Even the vendor pattern is not unversal.

Templates -

  •    CSharp

Project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going. You can find release notes for each version here and a To-Do list of new features and enhancements coming soon in the projects tab.

liftoff - CLI for creating and configuring new Xcode projects

  •    Ruby

Liftoff is a CLI for creating and configuring iOS Xcode projects. Liftoff was previously distributed via RubyGems. This method of installation has been deprecated, and all new releases will be done through Homebrew. If you are migrating from RubyGems, you should uninstall the gem version to avoid confusion in the future.

node-typescript-boilerplate - Minimalistic project template to jump start a Node

  •    TypeScript

Minimalistic boilerplate to jump-start a Node.js project in TypeScript 3.0. Writing unit tests in TypeScript can sometimes be troublesome and confusing. Especially when mocking dependencies and using spies.

tenzing - ⚡️ Clojurescript application template using Boot

  •    Clojure

In contrast to Leiningen Boot offers a clear strategy when it comes to composing multi-step build processes such as compiling stylesheets and Javascript whenever a relevant file changes. Many Leinigen plugins come with an `auto` task that allows similar behavior. If you want to run multiple of those tasks it's usually done by starting multiple JVM instances which can lead to high memory usage. Boot allows this sort of behaviour to reside in one JVM process while making sure that build steps don't interfere with each other.

Global Parameters for Multi-Project Template


Provides an extensible wizard implementation that enable multi-project templates access to a common set of parameters.

SharePoint 2010 App Model

  •    Javascript

This Project has the purpose of create a set of component that emulate the new functionality of SharePoint 2013 that is the new App Model for SharePoint 2010.

MVVM for Windows 8


This library contains all you need to build a WinRT Metro Style application for Windows 8 using MVVM pattern, C# and XAML.

django-project-template - Project template layout for Django 1.10+

  •    Python

This is a simple Django 1.11+ project template with my preferred setup. Most Django project templates make way too many assumptions or are just way too complicated. I try to make the least amount of assumptions possible while still trying provide a useful setup. Most of my projects are deployed to Heroku, so this is optimized for that but is not necessary.Note: If you're looking for the previous Django 1.7+ project template layout check out the 1.7 branch.

yii2-minimal - Yii 2 minimal application template

  •    PHP

Yii 2 Minimal Application Template is a skeleton Yii 2 application best for starting totally from scratch. The template contains the basic features including user login/logout. It includes all commonly used configurations that would allow you to focus on adding new features to your application.

ProjectMaker - A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to allow creating any kind of project from your own custom templates

  •    Python

A Sublime Text 2/3 plug-in to allow creating any kind of project from your own custom templates. Note, now works with BOTH ST2 and ST3! Thanks to Daniel Shannon for that work.

tinpig - A fast, lightweight command line utility to create projects of any kind from templates.

  •    Javascript

tinpig is a simple command line utility for quickly creating projects of any kind. Projects are created from templates which are collections of folders and files. The folders and files can contain special tokens that can be replaced with other values when the project is created. You can use an existing temple as-is, modify a template, or create your own from scratch. You'll need npm and an updated version of nodejs. Your version of nodejs should be 8.5.0 or higher, for the file copying functionality that was introduced at that point.

wq-django-template - Django project template for building REST-ful web & hybrid apps with the wq framework

  •    HTML

This is the recommended Django project template for projects utilizing the wq framework, with wq.app for the front end and wq.db as the backend component. This template is meant to be used together with wq.start. See the Getting Started docs for more information.

cookiecutter-golang - A Go project template

  •    Go

Powered by Cookiecutter, Cookiecutter Golang is a framework for jumpstarting production-ready go projects quickly. This project now uses docker multistage builds you need at least docker version v17.05.0-ce to use the docker file in this template, you can read more about multistage builds here.

HSPI - HomeSeer plugin helper framework

  •    VB

New to HSPI and looking for documentation? We’ve got that. Got a question about HSPI? Ask on Stack Overflow and tag with “HSPI”. We’re watching and waiting for your questions.

hxnew - Create new Haxe projects in a blast

  •    Haxe

Create new Haxe projects in a blast! This tool is meant to create an plain Haxe project. Run it once. This will create a js project with same directory structure as above but the Main class located in the com.mediamonks.tool package.