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Proj4Leaflet - Smooth Proj4js integration with Leaflet.

  •    Javascript

This Leaflet plugin adds support for using projections supported by Proj4js. Proj4Leaflet uses Leaflet 1.0.3, for compatibility with Leaflet 0.7.x use the 0.7.2 release.

mapshaper-proj - A JavaScript port of the Proj.4 map projection library.

  •    Javascript

This software is a JavaScript port of v4.9.3 of the Proj.4 map projection library. Although it was created to be used by mapshaper, all are welcome to use and improve it.Why create another Proj.4 port, when there is already proj4js? Unlike proj4js, this port is a very literal translation to JavaScript, so staying up-to-date with future changes to Proj.4 should be relatively simple. Also, this software's output is more consistent with Proj.4's output.

leaflet-tilejson - TileJSON support for Leaflet

  •    Javascript

leaflet-tilejson adds support for the TileJSON specification to the Leaflet map client. For extra fun and possibility of future profit, leaflet-tilejson also supports an extension to the TileJSON specification, which allows other projections than spherical-mercator. This extension requires Proj4Leaflet and Proj4js as extra dependencies.

reproject - Change, convert, transform, reproject GeoJSON between different projections / CRS

  •    Javascript

Transforms GeoJSON from one projection / CRS to another. However, where all involved parties have a prior arrangement, alternative coordinate reference systems can be used without risk of data being misinterpreted.

proj - Go's version of the PROJ.4 projection library

  •    Go

Proj is a selective and on-going port of the venerable PROJ.4 project to the Go language. We do not intend to port all of PROJ.4: there is stuff in PROJ.4 that we'll probably never have a sufficient justification for bringing over. Likewise, we do not intend to do a verbatim port of the original code: naively translated C code doesn't make for maintainable (or idiomatic) Go code.

glsl-proj4 - proj4 coordinate transforms in glsl

  •    Javascript

Create a proj instance p from a proj4 string str. String name of the projection.

ogr2ogr - A ogr2ogr wrapper full of win

  •    Javascript

ogr2ogr requires the command line tool ogr2ogr - gdal install page. It is recommended to use the latest version. See /examples for usage examples and /test/api.js.