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antimoderate - The progressive image loading library for great good!

  •    Javascript

Reduce loading time of page to less than a second on slow connections by loading and rendering nicely blurred micro images on the page while loading full sized images in background which replace as they finish. Has a nice blur effect thanks to StackBlur so you have a good looking page while it is loading.

oboe.js - A streaming approach to JSON.

  •    Javascript

Oboe.js is an open source Javascript library for loading JSON using streaming, combining the convenience of DOM with the speed and fluidity of SAX. It can parse any JSON as a stream, is small enough to be a micro-library, doesn't have dependencies, and doesn't care which other libraries you need it to speak to.

vue-progressive-image - Vue progressive image loading plugin

  •    Javascript

To be able to immediately show some feedback to the user, it is possible to pass a placeholder image, which could be also 1% the size of the main image: it will be blurred so you can go crazy with optimizations here. The progressive-background has a "content" slot, which can hold content that needs to be rendered over the background image and also can hold a preloader. This slot has one property called "visible" that tells you when, for example, a preloader needs to be visible or not.

wprig - A progressive theme development rig for WordPress.

  •    PHP

WP Rig has been tested on Linux, Mac, and Windows. WP Rig requires the following dependencies. Full installation instructions are provided at their respective websites.

react-progressive-image - React component for progressive image loading

  •    Javascript

If you use the UMD build you can find the library on window.ReactProgressiveImage.react-progressive-image exports a single React component, ProgressiveImage, which takes a src and placeholder prop, as well as an optional onError function.

airhorn - Air horn

  •    Javascript

A sample web app that lets you use your site as an airhorn. It demonstrates simple offline usage combined with simple audio looping via web audio.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin to load images sequentially, thereby ensuring smoothness of prevalent loading animations.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery slideshow plugin. Progressively enhances a list of items into a slideshow. Progressive enhancement makes it SEO-friendly. Copes intelligently with images of varying heights, imposing a consistent height on the slideshow so your page doesn't "jump." Tested and supported back to at least IE8.

is-progressive - Check if JPEG images are progressive

  •    Javascript

The check is fast as it only reads a small part of the file.Prefer the file methods if you're dealing directly with files. Those methods are optimized to read in the least amount of bytes necessary to determine whether it's a progressive JPEG image.

generator-pwa - Yeoman generator for a progressive webapp.

  •    Javascript

- Prompt for all manifest.json related fields. - Use async-await in sw.js.

manifest-json - Creates manifest.json for your PWA.

  •    Javascript

Creates a Webapp manifest for your PWA. Provide flags for each option on CLI.

progressive - This is the repository for my course, Building a Progressive Web App on LinkedIn Learning and Lynda

  •    Javascript

Native apps do things like work offline and load on a device's home screen. Until now, mobile web apps accessed in a browser lacked those features. Progressive web apps correct these shortcomings. A progressive web app—like the one you build in this course—is 1) fast loading 2) responsive 3) able to work offline using service workers, 4) secure using HTTPS, and 5) installable using a special manifest. Ray Villalobos takes you the extra steps to make your web apps progressive, using a custom version of the Bootstrap framework and modals and templating system called Handlebars. Follow along to learn how to create interactive navigation, dynamic and responsive content such as carousels and multimedia, offline capabilities with service workers, and a more integrated launch experience with an app manifest file. This repository has branches for each of the videos in the course. You can use the branch pop up menu in github to switch to a specific branch and take a look at the course at that stage. Or you can simply add /tree/BRANCH_NAME to the URL to go to the branch you want to peek at.

moji-brush - https://www.mojibrush.co

  •    Javascript

When deving make sure to command+shift+r to reload to bypass service worker.

3p - Progressive triangle streams

  •    Javascript

Progressive triangle streams are an implementation of Hugues Hoppe's progressive meshes with minor modifications favoring fast decoding over visual fidelity. The format is flexible and different codecs can choose different strategies for splitting vertices. This module documents progressive triangle streams and implements reference codecs for the binary and JSON formats. The intention of this file format is to provide a basic container format for experimenting with different strategies for performing edge collapses on meshes, and to provide a common language for processing progressive mesh data. Like the PLY file format, 3P files can specify arbitrary vertex and face data. 3P is also a lossless encoding, so attributes like vertex positions are not truncated in intermediate representations. 3P can be combined with standard HTTP compression schemes like gzip for further size reductions.

react-progressive-image-loading - Progressively load images using a blur effect.

  •    TypeScript

Progressively load images using a blur effect. Instead of using the img tag, you can use background-image with a div.

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