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coding-interviews - 🎓 :octocat: Preparation resources for software and web technical interviews

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This is a list of concepts it is important to learn in order to coding interviews at big companies and for jobs with really technical teams. Not all companies interview this way but many do or at least include CS fundamental and puzzle questions as part of their processes. Preparing for these types of interviews can be challenging and tedious. I created this repo as a collection of resources to help better understand where these questions come from. There are tons of resources out there so if you are looking to crack the coding interview, well, definitely read cracking the coding interview (links below) and review some of the sites and concepts below. I also recommend interviewing.io for doing live practice interviews to get you prepared.

friend-list - A non-trivial (yet simple) front-end programming challenge.

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A non-trivial (yet simple) front-end programming challenge. Featuring solutions in React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Cycle.js, Motorcycle.js and Snabbdom. Create an app with a dynamic and search-able list of data that keeps a search input text query in sync with the URL via a query parameter at all times. Assume the data will be fetched from some API and the API will perform the actual search. The query should be a simple string and kept in sync with the URL via a query parameter 'q' (ex. localhost:3000/?q=batman).

notebook-generator - (Auto) generate notebooks from your source code. Useful for ACM-ICPC

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The second one will create a 'notebook.pdf' file in the current directory. The notebook generator will add your source code with syntax highlight, additionally you can add .tex files which will be rendered as latex code.

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