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skill-map - 程序员技能图谱

  •    HTML


programmers-oath - An oath for programmers, comparable to the Hippocratic Oath


I will only undertake honest and moral work. I will stand firm against any requirement that exploits or harms people. I will respect the lessons learned by those who came before me, and will share what I learn with those to come.

package - Metaparticle/Package: Language Fluent Containerization and Deployment in Java,

  •    Go

Language Idiomatic bindings for building Container Images. Containers are an optimal way to package and deploy your code. However, teaching developers to learn a new configuration file format, and toolchain, just to package their application in a container is an unnecessary barrier to entry for many programmers just starting out with containers.


  •    C

A powerful tool to be used by programmers to simulate Windows Messages in order to test their software.

Quiz Personalization Program

  •    Python

A quiz written in Python which can be personalized according to the administrator.

webapp-checklist - Technical details that a programmer of a web application should consider before making the site public

  •    Python

Technical details that a programmer of a web application should consider before making the site public. The idea here is that most of us should already know most of what is on this list. But there just might be one or two items you haven't really looked into before, don't fully understand, or maybe never even heard of.

professional-programming - A collection of full-stack resources for programmers.

  •    Shell

A collection of full-stack resources for programmers. The goal of this page is to make you a more proficient developer. You'll find only resources that I've found truly inspiring, or that have been become timeless classics.

awesome-programmer - A collection of resources to learn from and become a self-taught awesome programmer


A collection of resources to learn from and become a self-taught awesome programmer. Most of the resources here (except for most books) are legally free.

arduinoBulkProgrammer - A program that uses an external button to start programming Arduinos

  •    Javascript

This is a node.js application that will manage the programming of lots of devices in parallel. It uses a simple interface of a button to start the programming and an LED to indicate state so that no user input via computer is required.

FASTUSBasp - This is the fast avr programmer for AVR MCUs based on cheap stm32f103c8t6 board with usb-to-serial support

  •    C++

This is the fast ISP programmer for AVR MCUs based on cheap stm32f103c8t6 aka blue-pill board with usb-to-serial support. If you have fixed the pullup at D+ line, use firmware/fastusbasp.bin The pre-compiled binary is at firmware/fastusbasp.bin.

awesome-libraries - :sunglasses: Libraries that are being shown in Sourcerer profiles.

  •    Javascript

Sourcerer is looking to understand engineer's work from source code, and connect engineers via expertise. An important part of our effort is analysis of library use. This repository maintains list of libraries that Sourcerer recognizes. If you have a minute, please make a PR that adds your favorite libraries. Our community will appreciate it. Sourcerer analyses commits in a variety of ways. It detects programming languages, uses various heuristics to discover interesting facts about an engineer, looks into team work, and so on. What Sourcerer finds can be easily seen in a Sourcerer profile, for example https://sourcerer.io/adnanrahic or https://sourcerer.io/sergey . A big part of what Sourcerer does is library analysis. For every line of code that Sourcerer looks at, it runs a machine learning algorithm that detects if this line uses any particular library. It allows to present library stats, but it also tells Sourcerer a lot about the purpose of the code. For instance, if it sees you you use node.js a lot, you probably do web developemnt work. Similarly, tensorflow use points to neural networks, etc.

tech-read - Grab tech articles daily from UGC communities

  •    Javascript

Attention: before running it, ensure you already install node in your computer. After that, open with your browser. I recommend you use chrome latest for the best experience.

captain-holetooth - An explorative platformer. Made with Godot Engine

  •    C++

Please read the CHARACTERS_LICENSE for more info regarding the art used in this game. The "Captain Holetooth" explorative platformer lives in a unique, story packed world. A cast of amazing characters helps Captain Holetooth to defend the "magic candy" (working title).

lcut - a Lightweight C Unit Testing framework

  •    Shell

In late 2005,the "TDD" concept was so popular and there were many strong and mature unit testing framework available for Java programmers, C# programmers and even python programmers, But there were few for C programmers. I have googled some c unit testing framework and gave me a shot, but eventually none of them made me comfortable. so I decided to implement a new one for my daily work and then lcut born. A unit test using lcut is divided into three levels: logical test, test suite and test case. A logical test contains several test suites and each test suite also contains several test cases. test case is the most basic and the smallest unit in this framework. And the three-level concept is helpful for you to organize your unit testing well.

avrgirl - :girl: AVR General Isp pRogramming tooL - program AVR chips with NodeJS!

  •    Javascript

This repository will become the 'kitchen sink' package with all avrgirl packages available as a single install and CLI / functional tool to access them.

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