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inliner - Node utility to inline images, CSS and JavaScript for a web page - useful for mobile sites

  •    Javascript

Turns your web page to a single HTML file with everything inlined - perfect for appcache manifests on mobile devices that you want to reduce those http requests.Once you've inlined the crap out of the page, you can optionally configure a service worker to add advanced caching and offline functionality.

pm2 - Node.js Production Process Manager with a built-in Load Balancer

  •    Javascript

PM2 is a production process manager for Node.js applications with a built-in load balancer. It allows you to keep applications alive forever, to reload them without downtime and to facilitate common system admin tasks.PM2 is constantly assailed by more than 1800 tests.

checklist-going-live - The checklist that is used when a project is going live


Spatie is a webdesign agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. You'll find an overview of all our open source projects on our website.

Dgraph - Fast, Transactional, Distributed Graph Database

  •    Go

Dgraph is a horizontally scalable and distributed graph database, providing ACID transactions, consistent replication and linearizable reads. It's built from ground up to perform for a rich set of queries. Being a native graph database, it tightly controls how the data is arranged on disk to optimize for query performance and throughput, reducing disk seeks and network calls in a cluster.

SpiceDB - Inspired by Google's Zanzibar paper, SpiceDB is a database system for managing security-critical application permissions

  •    Go

SpiceDB is a database system for managing security-critical application permissions. Developers create a schema that models their permissions requirements and use a client library to apply the schema to the database, insert data into the database, and query the data to efficiently check permissions in their applications.

awesome-linuxaudio - A list of software and resources for professional audio/video/live events production on Linux


Work in progress - See current issues and CONTRIBUTING. This list is provided to help you build your own GNU/Linux based A/V production environment. Most of the listed software is packaged for Debian, and should be directly installable using your package manager. Software that can be run on other GNU/Linux distributions may also be added to the list. This list focuses on sound, video, lighting and live applications. Software listed here is Free Software unless noted otherwise.

react-native-exception-handler - A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions

  •    Objective-C

A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions. The module helps prevent abrupt crashing of RN Apps without a graceful message to the user. V2 of this module now supports catching Unhandled Native Exceptions also along with the JS Exceptions ✌🏻🍻 There are NO breaking changes. So its safe to upgrade from v1 to v2. So there is no reason not to 😉.

s3-plugin-webpack - Uploads files to s3 after complete

  •    Javascript

I notice a lot of people are setting the directory option when the files are part of their build. Please don't set directory if you're uploading your build. Using the directory option reads the files after compilation to upload instead of from the build process. include and exclude rules behave similarly to Webpack's loader options. In addition to a RegExp you can pass a function which will be called with the path as its first argument. Returning a truthy value will match the rule. You can also pass an Array of rules, all of which must pass for the file to be included or excluded.


  •    Javascript

Production-ready, one-click deployable boilerplate for React, Webpack, Flask and PostgreSQL. You'll neel a little more than one click.

Capital Intelligence


Capital Intelligence is a Eve Online manufacturing chain modelling tool/kit.

btcrelay - Ethereum contract for Bitcoin SPV: Live on https://etherscan

  •    Python

The address and ABI is all that's needed to use BTC Relay, in addition to the API documentation below.Verifies the presence of a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain, primarily that the transaction is on Bitcoin's main chain and has at least 6 confirmations.

potter - a CLI to create node.js services

  •    Javascript

potter is a set of tools for creating and maintaining production apps using best practices developed at Uber. It contains scaffolding and workflow tools to help create new projects. It also contains tools to make it easy to keep up with best practices on existing projects.potter uses a plugin system (powered by npm) in order to make it easy to tailor itself to your team's workflow.

epa - simple environment configuration for nodejs apps, using json files

  •    Javascript

No, not that EPA... this EPA is a simple way to configure different run time environments using JSON files instead of ENV settings. The default is to assume "development" as the environment. If you specify anything other than "development", it will look for that folder / config.json.

node-debug-school - nodeschool curriculum for debugging Node.js

  •    Javascript

This workshop teaches students the concept and tools needed to debug Node.js applications in production and post-mortem on SmartOS. It is presented as a series of short hands-on exercises.You will need an access to a SmartOS instance to run this workshop.

electron-is-dev - Check if Electron is running in development

  •    Javascript

Useful for enabling debug features only during development.Can be overridden by setting the ELECTRON_IS_DEV environment variable to 1.

node-env-webpack-plugin - Simplified `NODE_ENV` handling with webpack

  •    Javascript

Sets process.env.NODE_ENV in the Node.js process to development at import-time if it's not defined, or production if webpack is run with webpack -p.Sets process.env.NODE_ENV in the bundle to the same as in the Node.js process.

babel-plugin-strip-function-call - Babel plugin strip any function call.

  •    Javascript

Babel plugin that strip any function call. This is simiar with yahoo/strip-loader: Webpack loader to strip arbitrary functions out of your production code..

exception - Better error's for people who run node in production

  •    Javascript

git: When it detects that your application runs from git repository it will automatically include the sha1, branch and even it's configuration in the output. process: Useful information like load average, uptime, free memory, heap size, process id and even the build information of your node process are included.

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