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Process Watcher

ProcessWatcher will report on the starting and stopping of process on the local machine. Events are logged to an Event Log, and also displayed on a (optionally transparent) form. Useful for seeing what's happening on your machine, or just to verify that certain applications ar...

Sitecore - ImageProcessor Module

This module extends the image processing functionality included in Sitecore. Greyscale, RotateFlip, ImageCrop, CenterCrop and KeepOrientation are added.

Sitecore - Logger Module

This module provides an abstraction of the built-in Sitecore Logging features.

Code Rule

The implementation of well-known basic algorithms in computer science using a variety of technologies. Useful to compare the raw performance of various languages, runtimes, and hardware-based implementations.

stylelint-processor-markdown - A stylelint processor for linting CSS in markdown

A stylelint processor for using stylelint on GFM fenced code blocks in Markdown.Uses remark to parse the Markdown.

mark - A markdown processor written in Go. built for fun.

A markdown processor written in Go. built for fun.Mark is a markdown processor that supports all the features of GFM, smartypants and smart-fractions rendering. It was built with a nice-ish concurrency model that fully inspired from Rob Pike - Lexical Scanning talk and marked project. Please note that any contribution is welcomed and appreciated, so feel free to take some task here.

rfx - Self documenting runtime interfaces.

Self documenting runtime interfaces.In rfx, interfaces are called fx. The r stands for rtype.

PASC - Parallel Array of Simple Cores. Multicore processor.

This is a multi-core embedded processor. There are a 16 RISC cores, each with a small chunk of local memory and a shared global memory area. Documentation is in the wiki (https://github.com/jbush001/PASC/wiki). Replace 'sourcefile' in the command line with the desired file.

nga - Nga is a lightweight, stack based virtual machine.

Nga is a lightweight, stack based virtual machine. All code, documentation, and any binaries included are provided under the ISC License unless otherwise noted in the source. Please feel free to take, use, and modify Nga as you see fit.

ethereum-blocks - Process blocks from Ethereum client nodes robustly

Process blocks from an Ethereum web3 instance robustly. This library uses web3.eth.filter to listen for the latest blocks on a chain. When a block is received all registered handlers are invoked to perform any required processing on the block data.

FRISCjs - FRISC processor simulator in JavaScript

FRISCjs is a FRISC processor simulator written in JavaScript. The FRISCjs simulator has two parts: a FRISC assembler (built using PEGjs) which translates FRISC assembly code to machine code and a FRISC CPU simulator which executes machine code.

node-infuse - Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption. Infuse bundles up your node JavaScript files by following the require("moduleName") statements in your source file(s), and then bundles it all up, and uglifies (minimizes) it into one JavaScript file.

potato - A simple RISC-V processor for use in FPGA designs.

Note that the master branch may be in an unstable state. Use one of the releases to avoid problems when compiling the code. The Potato Processor is a simple RISC-V processor for use in FPGAs. It implements the 32-bit integer subset of the RISC-V specification version 2.0 and supports the machine mode and the Mbare addressing environment of the RISC-V privileged architecture, version 1.7.

es40 - A portable emulator for the HP (DEC, Compaq) AlphaServer ES40

A portable emulator for the HP (DEC, Compaq) AlphaServer ES40. The current version is capable of running OpenVMS with some limitations. The goal is to have a drop-in replacement for real ES40's. Emulates the Alpha AXP EV68CB processor and other devices. This particular fork is able to run NetBSD/alpha.