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node-worker-farm - Distribute processing tasks to child processes with an über-simple API and baked-in durability & custom concurrency options

Distribute processing tasks to child processes with an über-simple API and baked-in durability & custom concurrency options. Available in npm as worker-farm.This example is contained in the examples/basic directory.

bimg - Small Go package for fast high-level image processing powered by libvips C library

Small Go package for fast high-level image processing using libvips via C bindings, providing a simple, elegant and fluent programmatic API.bimg was designed to be a small and efficient library supporting a common set of image operations such as crop, resize, rotate, zoom or watermark. It can read JPEG, PNG, WEBP natively, and optionally TIFF, PDF, GIF and SVG formats if libvips@8.3+ is compiled with proper library bindings.

kinesalite - An implementation of Amazon's Kinesis built on LevelDB

An implementation of Amazon's Kinesis, focussed on correctness and performance, and built on LevelDB (well, @rvagg's awesome LevelUP to be precise).The Kinesis equivalent of dynalite.

thumbd - Node.js/AWS/ImageMagick-based image thumbnailing service.

Thumbd is an image thumbnailing server built on top of Node.js, SQS, S3, and ImageMagick.You can easily run Thumbd on Heroku. Simply set the appropriate environment variables with config:set and deploy using the Procfile provided.

XNA Image Reflector

XNA Image Reflector allows you to add Web 2.0-like reflections to images in a few clicks

Distrib(uted) Processing Grid

Distrib is a simple yet powerful distributed processing system.

url-pattern - easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings

easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings. turn strings into data or data into strings.a pattern is immutable after construction. none of its methods changes its state. that makes it easier to reason about.

node-imaginary - Minimalist node.js command-line & programmatic API client for imaginary

Minimalist node.js CLI & programmatic stream capable interface for imaginary server.Supports multiple image operations such as resize, crop, zoom, watermark, rotate... and both local and remote URL based image source processing, and additionally provides a simple balancing feature to use multiple imaginary servers.

genartlib - Library for creating generative artwork

A Clojure library for creating generative artwork. Distributed under the MIT License.

delaunify - randomly delaunay-triangulates an image

Randomly delaunay-triangulates an image by distributing 2D points across the surface, and then triangulating it. The colours of each triangle is determined by the pixel color underneath the triangle's centroid.A new canvas is returned with the same size as the image.

threejs-post-process-example - a tutorial on ThreeJS post processing

This is an example of post-processing effects in ThreeJS, including FXAA and Lookup Table color transforms.This example also provides some insight into the development workflow at Jam3, and how we scale and re-use code across some of our WebGL experiences.

hxProcessing - Use Processing in Haxe's Java target

Demos of using Processing (version 3.3) in Haxe (targeting Java).

post-process - A generic GLSL post-processing module for applying super-speedy GPU effects to img/video/canvas elements

A generic GLSL post-processing module for applying super-speedy GPU effects to any <img>, <canvas> or <video> element. If you're already working with a 3D scene you're better off using an FBO, but this is useful for cases where you've already got a 2D canvas/video thing and just want to add some niceties.Renders element to gl, using the shader specified above. You can optionally pass a width and height value to override the defaults, which are the dimensions of element.

three-effectcomposer - @alteredq's EffectComposer plugin for three.js ported for use with Browserify

Browserify-friendly version of THREE.EffectComposer, which offers a quick GLSL post-processing implementation.Full credit goes to @alteredq for writing this, the original source can be found here.

ndarray-convolve - Convolutions and cross correlations for ndarrays

Convolutions and cross correlations on ndarrays.Cross correlates two arrays with zero boundary conditions. Same convention.

glsl-ascii-filter - faux ASCII post-processing effect in GLSL

A simple ASCII post-processing effect in GLSL, original here by @movAX13h.Best rendered with retina scaling for crisp edges.

p5.serialport - Serial Port API and Server for p5.js

A p5.js library that enables communication between your p5 sketch and Arduino (or another serial enabled device).p5.serialport more or less clones the Processing Serial Library API. As JavaScript in a browser can not interact directly with a serial port, this library solves this. p5.serialport comes in two flavors; one is a simple app, this is good for all skill levels and is the easiest to use; second is Node.js based WebSocket server, this is for more skilled advanced users or someone who needs heavy customization.

mtXcontrol - mtXcontrol is a LED Matrix editor written in Processing to create multiple frames sequences easily

mtXcontrol is an editor written in Processing to easily create image sequences for several output devices containing multicolor LED matrix. By now, the Rainbowduino controller and the Novation Launchpad are supported. Its generic API allows to add other in- and output devices easily. mtXcontrol Editor auto detects and connects to your device. Once connected, you can draw points, lines & rows in different colors, create multiple frames and manipulate them. Add, delete, move, fill, copy & paste of frames is supported. Play all frames by different speed, realtime update the device and save your work as image file. If supported (e.g. Rainbowduino), update the sequence on your device and run it standalone. One special feature is typing letters and numbers. Future versions aim to support multiple devices, different color depth and many more.