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WaveFunctionCollapse - Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics

  •    CSharp

This program generates bitmaps that are locally similar to the input bitmap. In the examples typical value of N is 3.

SynTex - Texture synthesis from examples.

  •    CSharp

Note that my implementations are not completely true to the original papers. Watch a video demonstration of P. F. Harrison's algorithm on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sUMBMpZNzk.

godot-2d-space-game - A 2D space exploration and mining game made with Godot and our AI framework

  •    GDScript

Harvester is a Free and Open-Source top-down space mining game made with the Godot game engine. Control your spaceship in forays into an asteroid belt, gather iron, and bring it back to base. Spend them on upgrading your ship's speed and maneuverability and cargo space. But beware, as you are not alone out here. Pirate miners are out there and want to monopolize the business.

godot-procedural-generation - Procedural generation algorithms and demos for the Godot game engine

  •    GDScript

Godot PCG (Procedural Content Generation) is a project to build a series of algorithms and demos to learn about procedural generation. The algorithms are from our course Godot PCG Secrets. ➡ Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for free game creation tutorials, tips, and news! Get one of our Godot game creation courses to support our work on Free Software.

snek - An experimental system for writing generative systems

  •    Common

This library is specifically written to be useful for a broad range of ways in which I create art using various generative algorithms. A simple (graph) data structure for working with vertices and edges The structure is named snek; the name is explained below. This structure is combined with a programming pattern for applying changes to the structure. The pattern relies on alterations, see below.

ConvChain - Bitmap generation from a single example with convolutions and MCMC.

  •    CSharp

ConvChain passes a sample image through a 1-layer lattice of small overlapping receptive fields. It then runs an MCMC simulation with obtained weights as coefficients in the energy functional. In the language of cellular automata, ConvChain takes an input image and builds a probabilistic cellular automaton that is most likely to generate that image.

wireframe-world - An infinite wireframe world in WebGL

  •    Javascript

As for the implementation, it is not very difficult stuff; I divide up the world into chunks(just like in Minecraft), and as the camera traverses the world, the chunks that become out of range are thrown away and are no longer rendered. And in the far away horizon I keep adding new chunks, to give the illusion that the world is infinite. Port the program into screensavers for OS X, Windows and Linux.

BWO - An infinity procedural online game using Flutter with NodeJS and flames

  •    Dart

An infinity procedural online game using Flutter and flames with NodeJS and Firebase for the back-end. The world isn't stored in anywhere, it uses some conecpts and rules (Perlin Noise and Simplex Noise) to generate it equaly in all devices only the changes made by player are actually stored on the server side.

procedural-art - :milky_way: Procedural art

  •    HTML

Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time.This repository contains some procedural art algorithms I like devising during my spare time. I don't use any external libraries and I rely on the HTML <canvas> element for rendering. Every time you open of the html files it will generate a random image. Each art work has a write up which you can access by clicking on the sections.


  •    Javascript

THREE.Terrain is a procedural terrain generation engine for use with the Three.js 3D graphics library for the web. The latest releases of this project have been tested with three.js r86.

GraphTerm - GraphTerm: An aspirational DevOps and Container IDE Concept

  •    Javascript

A concept for recording videos about docker containers that seems to be turning into an IDE. I don't really have time to maintain this, but people might like it. It was spawned from a set of lessons on Docker I was trying to write but never finished. That maybe I'll post one day if I clean it up.

xibalba - A Mayan roguelike

  •    Java

Your goal is to make it to the bottom of Xibalba, kill the 10 Lords of Xibalba, resurrect your family member, and take them back to the world of the living. To do this, you must progress from the jungle to the caves, and from the caves to the dungeons of Xibalba. During character creation you can choose a god to pledge to, obeying their requirements during your attempt will grant you access to their abilities. Going against them, though, will have extreme consequences.

seed - Procedural Content Generator

  •    Javascript

The app runs as a single-page application, so we use serve to always serve the index.html. This will copy all the files over to the _build directory, and a timestamp to the CSS and JS files so we immediately see the latest version.

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