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xssor2 - XSS'OR - Hack with JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

XSS'OR - Hack with JavaScript. It contains three major modules: Encode/Decode, Codz, Probe.

node-monitor - Node.js application monitoring

  •    Javascript

Node-monitor is a library for remote monitoring and control of your Node.js app servers. Like JMX in the Java world, node-monitor comes with a handful of general monitors, and allows you to create custom monitors for your application.

Wi-PWN - ESP8266 Deauther ​with a material design WebUI πŸ“Ά

  •    C

Wi-PWN is a firmware that performs deauth attacks on cheap Arduino boards. The ESP8266 is a cheap micro controller with built-in Wi-Fi. It contains a powerful 160 MHz processor and it can be programmed using Arduino. A deauthentication attack is often confused with Wi-Fi jamming, as they both block users from accessing Wi-Fi networks.

cloudprober - An active monitoring software to detect failures before your customers do.

  •    Go

Cloudprober is a monitoring software that makes it super-easy to monitor availability and performance of various components of your system. Cloudprober employs the "active" monitoring model. It runs probes against (or on) your components to verify that they are working as expected. For example, it can run a probe to verify that your frontends can reach your backends. Similarly it can run a probe to verify that your in-Cloud VMs can actually reach your on-premise systems. This kind of monitoring makes it possible to monitor your systems' interfaces regardless of the implementation and helps you quickly pin down what's broken in your system.Visit Cloudprober's website at cloudprober.github.io to get started with Cloudprober.


  •    Javascript

insert a metric-gathering probe into a set of streams.probe is a stream of raw objects, so remember to stringify it.

probematch - A small module for matching probes to road networks

  •    Javascript

Match a single GPS measurements (probe) or line of sequential GPS measurements (trace) to a road network.probematch creates an rbush index of a road network to allow you to quickly match probes or traces to the roads using configurable distance and bearing filters.

hlsprobe - Utility to probe Apple HLS streams.

  •    Python

This utility can't be used for HLS playback. Get repo, cd to it and copy hlsproberc-sample to ~/.hlsproberc. Edit it for your needs.

streamsurfer - Software for monitoring of HTTP video streams.

  •    Go

As I moved away from videostreaming development I not more interested in this project. So I leave code as is in unfinished state. I'll continue to maintain m3u8 library as it is used in some other projects. Stream Surfer — probe utiliy for HTTP video streaming. The utility detects errors in HTTP Streams (Apple HLS now supported) and monitor health of any HTTP resources. It may be used as regular monitoring tool and stress testing for mediaservers (and any HTTP-servers too).

JJG-Node-Ping - A simple ping wrapper for Node

  •    Javascript

JJG Ping is a simple ping wrapper for Node.js which returns the latency and result of a ping to a given address. Ping was created by Jeff Geerling of Midwestern Mac, LLC in 2013.

probe - Extends the JS prototype with Lodash (or Underscore) methods.

  •    Javascript

Extends the native prototypes with functions from Lo-Dash, Underscore, or another vendor. Add Probe to your NPM package.json.

jrds - Another monitoring application, intentend to be simple to use and extensible.

  •    Java

Jrds is performance collector, much like cacti or munins. But it intends to be more easy to use and able to collect a high number of machines in a very short time. It's fully written in java and avoid call external process to increase performances. It uses RRD4J, a clone of rrdtool written in java. JRDS is a java web application, that can run in any servlet server like tomcat or resin. It can also run in a standalone mode, using jetty.

stats - πŸ“Š Collect stats about your node.js process πŸ“Š

  •    Javascript

Collect stats about your node.js process. This module exports a function which instantiates an event emitter which emits a single event, stats. This event emitter has two functions which can be used to start and stop probing for statistics, start() and stop(). Listen to the stats event to get useful process statistics.

stats-to-elasticsearch - Collect and send stats about your node.js process to elasticsearch. πŸ“ŠπŸ”ŒπŸ“ˆ

  •    Javascript

Collect and send stats about your node.js process to elasticsearch. This module exposes a function which initialises a connection to elasticsearch and creates a stats event emitter to gather useful in process stats to be sent via the connection.

nagios_check - Ruby Nagios Check Integration

  •    Ruby

NagiosCheck is a simple and efficient tool for building custom probes for the Nagios monitoring system. It alleviates the pain of parsing command line options, writing and formatting the check results according to the Nagios plugin API. If the number passed to store_value is between 0 and 4 inclusive the result is OK. If it is greater than 4 and less than 8 inclusive the result is WARNING. If it is greater than 8 the result is CRITICAL. See Nagios Developer Guidelines for more details on how the arguments of -w and -c are interpreted.

probe - exploring the world beyond the wall, netty4 based proxy service.

  •    Java

exploring the world beyond the wall, netty4 based proxy service.


  •    Javascript

Probe.io is a simple tracking mechanism for Socket.io transport statistics. Websockets and various Comet style fallbacks create the ability for the server to push data to web clients, enabling a whole new catagory of realtime applicaitons. However each transport (e.g websocket, flashsocket, xhr-polling) comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages. For example, websockets are arguably the most efficient transport but their use can be riddled with network related issues such as incompatability with proxies, firewalls, etc.

webdriver_exporter - Probes a web page using the WebDriver protocol and exposes metrics for Prometheus such as Navigation Timings

  •    Go

Probes a web page using the WebDriver protocol and exposes metrics for Prometheus such as Navigation Timings. This is alpha-quality code, without tests. Run it in Production at your own risk.

node-console-probe - Inspect JavaScript object methods and properties in the console.

  •    Javascript

Inspect JavaScript object methods and properties in the console. Provides colourful functions to inspect JavaScript objects.