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Blitz - The Fullstack React Framework

  •    Javascript

Blitz is the Fullstack React Framework. It is a batteries-included framework that's inspired by Ruby on Rails, is built on Next.js, and features a "Zero-API" data layer abstraction that eliminates the need for REST/GraphQL. “Zero-API” data layer lets you import server code directly into your React components instead of having to manually add API endpoints and do client-side fetching and caching.

database-schema-examples - Database Schema Examples we strive to support in Prisma

  •    TSQL

This repository contains examples for database schemas, grouped by database. Useful whenever we need a real world example, for example for testing Prisma Introspection or Prisma Client. Each example folder contains a README.md that contains the link to the original source of the example. It also mentions changes that were applied compared to the original source.

prisma-docs-generator - Prisma generator for automatically generating documentation reference from the Prisma schema

  •    TypeScript

Serves the static html which the generator generated. It reads the output path from the prisma schema or it will use the default. Use --port or -p to change the port the express server uses.

vim-prisma - Prisma 2 support for vim

  •    Vim

This plugin is provides file detection and syntax highlighting support for Prisma 2. This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

prisma-converter - Convert your Prisma 1.0 datamodel to Prisma 2.0

  •    TypeScript

It turns your legacy datamodel specification into an upcoming Prisma 2 data model.

prisma-relay-cursor-connection - Extend Prisma's `findMany` method to support Relay Cursor Connections

  •    TypeScript

This module has a peer dependency on @prisma/client@^2.0.0. You can find more examples for custom cursors in the unit tests.

nestjs-prisma-docker - Dockerizing a NestJS app with Prisma and PostgreSQL

  •    TypeScript

DON'T commit .env files into version control, add .env to .gitignore. .env files are added here as an example.

goprisma - A Go wrapper for prisma to turn databases into GraphQL APIs using Go.

  •    Go

Introspect a database and use it as a GraphQL API using Go. GraphQL is a nice abstraction layer on top of other APIs. Making databases available can be a productivity gainer when no direct database access is required and GraphQL clients already exist in the codebase.

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