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Bull - Premium package for handling jobs and messages in NodeJS

  •    Javascript

The fastest, most reliable, Redis-based queue for Node. Carefully written for rock solid stability and atomicity.

High-Speed-Priority-Queue-for-C-Sharp - A C# priority queue optimized for pathfinding applications

  •    CSharp

Yes! See the license page for more details. This project contains two priority queue implementations - one that's super-fast (without thread-safety, safety checks, etc), and one that's easy/safe to use.

SwiftPriorityQueue - A Generic Priority Queue in Pure Swift

  •    Swift

SwiftPriorityQueue is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a generic priority queue data structure, appropriate for use on all platforms (macOS, iOS, Linux, etc.) where Swift is supported. It features a straightforward interface and can be used with any type that implements Comparable. It utilizes comparisons between elements rather than separate numeric priorities to determine order. Internally, SwiftPriorityQueue uses a classic binary heap, resulting in O(lg n) pushes and pops. It includes in-source documentation, an A* based example maze solving program (for macOS), and unit tests (pull requests are welcome for additional unit tests in particular).

Buckets-Swift - Swift Collection Data Structures Library

  •    Swift

Buckets is a complete, tested and documented collections library for swift.Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that automates the process of adding frameworks to your application.

heap - Heap priority queue written in C, licensed under a BSD license

  •    C

A heap abstract data type implemented within an array.Written in C with a BSD license.

StablePriorityQueue.js - A stable heap-based priority queue in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

In a priority queue, you can...In practice, "quickly" often means in logarithmic time (O(log n)).

data-structures - Go datastructures.

  •    Go

Copyright 2013, Licensed under the GPL version 2. Please reach out to me directly if you require another licensing option. I am willing to work with you. To collect many important data structures for usage in go programs. Golang's standard library lacks many useful and important structures. This library attempts to fill the gap. I have implemented data-structure's as I have needed them. If there is a missing structure or even just a missing (or incorrect) method open an issue, send a pull request, or send an email patch.

priority_queue - A JavaScript PriorityQueue

  •    CoffeeScript

A priority queue is a handy data structure with many uses. From graph search algorithms to simple job queues, having this in your toolbelt will help to give you a solid foundation.

tinyqueue - The smallest and simplest priority queue in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

The smallest and simplest binary heap priority queue in JavaScript. Inspired by js-priority-queue by Adam Hooper.

priority-queue-dictionary - A Pythonic indexed priority queue

  •    Python

A priority queue dictionary maps hashable objects (keys) to priority-determining values. It provides a hybrid dictionary/priority queue API. Works with Python 2.7+, 3.3+, and PyPy.

priorityqueuejs - A simple priority queue data structure for Node.js and the browser

  •    Javascript

A simple priority queue data structure for Node.js and the browser. If you just want a pre-built file for using in the web, check the releases section.

DataStructures - A collection of Data Structures implemented in Swift.

  •    Swift

A collection of data structures implemented in Swift. All collection types are implemented as structures with the exception of the LinkedList data structure. This means they are copied when they are assigned to a new constant or variable, or when they are passed to a function or method.

AdvancedAsyncTask - Enhanced AsyncTask library for Android

  •    Java

This library is enhanced for using AsyncTask api. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

timerqueue - A priority queue for timed events, written in go.

  •    Go

The timerqueue package implements a priority queue for objects scheduled to perform actions at clock times. See http://godoc.org/github.com/beevik/timerqueue for godoc-formatted API documentation.

Advanced-Shortest-Paths-Algorithms - Java Code for Contraction Hierarchies Algorithm, A-Star Algorithm and Bidirectional Dijkstra Algorithm

  •    Java

Java Code for Contraction Hierarchies Algorithm, A-Star Algorithm and Bidirectional Dijkstra Algorithm. Tested and Verified Code. Bi-Directional Dijsktra Algorithm: Bidirectional search is a graph search algorithm that finds a shortest path from an initial vertex to a goal vertex in a directed graph. It runs two simultaneous searches: one forward from the initial state, and one backward from the goal, stopping when the two meet in the middle. The reason for this approach is that in many cases it is faster.

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