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BezierInfo-2 - A from-the-ground-up rewrite of https://pomax

  •    PHP

Both operations run continuous linting. Also note that there are specific requirements for development, see the section on dev requirements below. All fonts come with TeXLive and MiKTeX, and should be easy to install. Note that you will need the modern OpenType (otf/ttf) fonts, not the obsolete type1 fonts.

css - The CSS design system that powers GitHub

  •    CSS

Primer is the CSS framework that powers GitHub's front-end design. primer includes 23 packages that are grouped into 3 core meta-packages for easy install. Each package and meta-package is independently versioned and distributed via npm, so it's easy to include all or part of Primer within your own project.

components - Primer React components

  •    Javascript

Our documentation site lives at primer.style/components. You'll be able to find the information listed in this README as well as detailed docs for each component, our theme, and system props. Primer Components come with all the necessary CSS built-in, so you don't need to worry about including Primer CSS.

MFEprimer - MFEprimer-2.0: A fast thermodynamics-based program for checking PCR primer specificity

  •    Python

Evaluating the specificity of PCR primers is an essential step in PCR primer design. The MFEprimer-2.0 server allows users to check primer specificity against genomic DNA and mRNA/cDNA sequence databases quickly and easily. MFEprimer-2.0 uses a k-mer index algorithm to accelerate the search process for primer binding sites and uses thermodynamics to evaluate binding stability between each primer and its DNA template. Several important characteristics such as the sequence, melting temperature and size of each amplicon, either specific or non-specific, are reported on the results page. Based on these characteristics and the user-friendly output, users can readily draw conclusions about the specificity of PCR primers. Analyses for degenerate primers and multiple PCR primers are also supported in MFEprimer-2.0. In addition, the databases supported by MFEprimer-2.0 are comprehensive, and custom databases can also be supported on request. The MFEprimer-2.0 server does not require a login and is freely available at http://biocompute.bmi.ac.cn/CZlab/MFEprimer-2.0. Unlike MFEprimer 1.x versions, which use BLAST for primer binding sites search, MFEprimer-2.0 uses the k-mer index algorithm to speed up the primer binding sites search process. This is the speed problem I have to solve, while, the other question force me MUST to replace the BLAST. It's the "ACCURACY" problem. As we know that, BLAST is a famous program to find the homology sequence from a database by sequence similarity. However, the annealing process of primer and its target sequence is thermodynamics. They bind to each other just because they are stable in thermodynamics, not because they are matched in base pairs. For example, the mismatch "G-G" contributes as much as the Gibbs free energy of -2.2 kcal/mol to the duplex stability [SantaLucia 2004]. So the first step we have to do is to find all the possible binding sites with the k-mer index algorithm], and then to evaluate the binding stability using the Nearest-Neighbor model.

stylelint-config-primer - Sharable stylelint config used by GitHub's CSS


We've moved all of the Stylelint modules to a single repository. You can still install and update stylelint-config-primer with npm, but its code and issues now live elsewhere.

primer.style - The website for all things Primer

  •    Javascript

Primer is GitHub's design system. The primer.style website will, over time, be the hub from which all Primer web properties are linked from. We're working on updating our websites, domains, and npm package names so that it will be easier in future to find all things Primer. We welcome feedback and contributions at any time. Please check existing issues and pull requests before contributing, and please communicate via an issue first if you intend to make large-scale changes. See contributing for more info.

publish - The GitHub Action that publishes Primer packages to npm

  •    Javascript

You will need to provide an npm access token with publish permissions via the NPM_AUTH_TOKEN secret in the Actions visual editor if you haven't already. The GITHUB_TOKEN secret is also required to create tags after releasing on the master branch. We suggest that you place this action after any linting and/or testing actions to catch as many errors as possible before publishing.