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pterm - ✨ #PTerm is a modern go module to beautify console output

  •    Go

PTerm is designed to create a platform independent way to create beautiful terminal output. Most modules that want to improve the terminal output do not guarantee platform independence - PTerm does. PTerm follows the most common methods for displaying color in a terminal. With PTerm, it is possible to create beautiful output even in low-level environments. Our first priority is to keep PTerm as easy to use as possible. With many examples for each individual component, getting started with PTerm is extremely easy. All components are similar in design and implement interfaces to simplify mixing individual components together.

node-html-to-text - Advanced html to text converter

  •    Javascript

Advanced converter that parses HTML and returns beautiful text. Version 6 contains a ton of changes, so it worth to take a look.

node-html-to-text - Advanced html to text converter

  •    Javascript

An advanced converter that parses HTML and returns beautiful text. It was mainly designed to transform HTML E-Mail templates to a text representation. So it is currently optimized for table layouts. By using the format option, you can specify formatting for these elements: text, image, lineBreak, paragraph, anchor, heading, table, orderedList, unorderedList, listItem, horizontalLine.

XML pretty print for python (xmlpp)


A lightweight, non-validating module that does an XML pretty print using python. Works/does a best effort on html and malformed/invalid xml.

fipp - Fast Idiomatic Pretty Printer for Clojure

  •    Clojure

Fipp is a better pretty printer for Clojure and ClojureScript. Like clojure.pprint, this pretty printer has a linear runtime and uses bounded space. However, unlike clojure.pprint, Fipp's implementation is tuned for great performance and has a functional, data-driven API.

tabled - An easy to use library for pretty print tables of Rust structs and enums.

  •    Rust

An easy to use library for pretty printing tables of Rust structs and enums. To print a list of structs or enums as a table your types should implement the the Tabled trait or derive with a #[derive(Tabled)] macro.

garnish - :cocktail: prettifies ndjson from wzrd and similar tools

  •    Javascript

Prettifies ndjson or bole logs from budo, wzrd and other tools.Example with budo, which uses this under the hood.

prettier-package-json - Prettier formatter for package.json files

  •    Javascript

prettier-package-json is an opinionated JSON formatter inspired by prettier. It removes all original styling and ensures that the outputted package.json conforms to a consistent style. Keys in package.json will be sorted in an opinionated order but may be configured to your own preferences.

httpony - :horse: An HTTP request listener and pretty printer

  •    Python

HTTPony (pronounced aych-tee-tee-pony) is a simple HTTP server that pretty prints HTTP requests to a terminal. It is a useful aide for developing clients that send HTTP requests. HTTPony acts as a sink for a client so that a developer can understand what the client is sending. Astute readers will point out that HTTPie can show request output with -v, but HTTPony will output for any client that talks HTTP. Many libraries do not quickly show their request output.

pretty-simple - pretty-printer for Haskell data types that have a Show instance

  •    Haskell

pretty-simple is a pretty printer for Haskell data types that have a Show instance. This is pretty hard to read. Imagine if there were more fields or it were even more deeply nested. It would be even more difficult to read.

DoctorPretty - Wadler's "A prettier printer" embedded pretty-printer DSL for Swift

  •    Swift

A pretty printer is the dual of a parser -- take some arbitrary AST and output it to a String. This library is a collection of combinators and a primitive called a Doc to describe pretty printing some data much like a parser combinator library provides combinators and primitives to describe parsing test into an AST. Interestingly, this implementation efficiently finds the best pretty print. You encode your knowledge of what the best means with your use of various Doc combinators. See the encoding of this particular document in the testSwiftExample test case.

jsoncat - Json pretty-print parser based on a recursive lexical analyser

  •    C

Json pretty-print parser based on a recursive lexical analyser. The parser was based on the specification defined at json.org. The input file is parsed to build a json object. If the object is correct, it will be pretty-printed to standard output. PS: I'm creating the RPM and DEB packages. A soon as possible you would install jsoncat from these sources.

git-praise - A nicer git blame.

  •    Python

A nicer git blame. Make sure that you have your python package bin path in your $PATH. On Ubuntu, this is ~/.local/bin. If it isn't in your path, you can try adding the following to your .bashrc: export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin.

grunt-html-prettyprinter - Grunt task that beautifies your HTML

  •    Javascript

In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint your code using grunt and test via npm test. Support this project and others by twolfson via gratipay.

node-json-align - Library and script to pretty-print JSON with values aligned together.

  •    Javascript

This module provides a function and a command-line script that pretty-print JSON strings with consecutive values aligned at the same column for improved readability. Based on Douglas Crockford's json2.js.

bash-color - A node.js module for wrapping strings in color codes for pretty printing in bash.

  •    Javascript

The 8 standard colors are explicitly supported as method names, and each takes a second argument which is a boolean (defaults to false) toggling hi-intensity. Additionally, the wrap() method allows you to pass in three arguments: your string, the color you want to use and a style value. Colors are enumerated as color.colors. Styles are enumerated as color.styles, and include bold, underline, background, high intensity text, high intensity bold text and high intensity background.

react-object - Rich visual representation and editor of javascript objects and values.

  •    Javascript

Rich visual representation and editor of javascript objects and values.

treeify - Pretty-print a javascript object as a tree

  •    Javascript

treeify converts a JS object into a nice, visible depth-indented tree for console printing. The structure generated is similar to what you get by running the tree command on Unixy platforms. See the other included examples or the test suite for usage scenarios.

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