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covfefe - covfefe

  •    Javascript

[Cove Fee Fee](https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/869766994899468288)

presskit - What the world should know about us

  •    CSS

Expert designers and developers who turn your idea into the right product. Clients hire us to solve problems for people. So, we interview potential customers. We sketch. We prototype. We make and ship working software. We measure use of the software.

esc-exit - Exit the process when the `esc` key is pressed

  •    Javascript

Useful for CLI tools to let the user press esc to get out.Using this prevents the process from exiting normally.

ractive-touch - Touch events for Ractive

  •    Javascript

Touch events for Ractive. Supports tap, pan, swipe, rotate, pinch, and press.Disambiguation: This page is about ractive-touch, the JavaScript plugin. For the Ractiv Touch+ mouse, see ractiv.com.

kasia-boilerplate - :tophat: A universal application boilerplate with Kasia

  •    Javascript

We used the react-redux-universal-hot-example boilerplate as our starting point, however lots has changed since then and the two are now quite different. Thanks go to the creator and maintainers of the aforementioned repo. We aim to release an Ansible script which will do all of this for you, but for now...