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tailwindcss - A Tailwind CSS frontend preset for the Laravel Framework

  •    Blade

A Laravel front-end scaffolding preset for Tailwind CSS - a Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development. The default tailwind.config.js configuration file included by this package simply uses the config from the Tailwind vendor files. Should you wish to make changes, you should remove the file and run node_modules/.bin/tailwind init, which will generate a fresh configuration file for you, which you are free to change to suit your needs.

color-preset - Color preset for PostCSS and Sass developers.

  •    CSS

Color preset for PostCSS and Sass developers.Directly import it in Sass or use postcss-import and postcss-simple-vars to work with PostCSS.

babel-preset-es2015-webpack - Babel preset for all es2015 plugins except babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs

  •    Javascript

As of Babel version v6.13.0, babel-preset-es2015 supports modules option. Babel preset for all es2015 plugins except babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs.

babel-preset-modern-browsers - Babel presets for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

This preset covers es2015, es2016, es2017 and es2018. Note: most unused plugins are babel 6 plugins, I didn't update them for the documentation.

preset - A simple CSS preset for 2018

  •    CSS

A simple CSS preset to enable box-sizing, set some text rendering options to decrease the differences between browsers, and set a couple of nice defaults.

conventional-changelog - Preset for conventional-changelog

  •    Javascript

Custom preset for conventional-changelog which groups changes by package (packages/@vue/xxx). It works by getting the package which has the highest number of changed files in each commit.

grapesjs-preset-newsletter - GrapesJS preset configuration for the newsletter editor http://grapesjs

  •    Javascript

This preset configures GrapesJS to be used as a Newsletter Builder with some unique features and blocks composed specifically for being rendered correctly inside all major email clients.

webpack-presets - Shareable configuration presets for Webpack (MIT)

  •    Javascript

webpack-presets provides an abstraction over top of regular Webpack configuration. Even though this adds some complexity, it also allows you to implement shareable presets. Each preset may consist of regular Webpack configuration, actions, and formats. Actions provide abstraction over smaller tasks while formats give simple means to define loader mappings. They rely on optional paths configuration for enhanced performance. Check out SurviveJS - Webpack and React to dig deeper into the topic.

neutrino-preset-preact - Neutrino preset that supports building Preact web applications.

  •    Javascript

neutrino-preset-preact is a Neutrino preset that supports building Preact web applications. neutrino-preset-preact can be installed via the Yarn or npm clients. Inside your project, make sure neutrino and neutrino-preset-preact are development dependencies. You will also need Preact and Preact-compat (recommended) for actual Preact development.

babel-preset-react-native - Babel preset for react native... with a few tweaks

  •    Javascript

This package is copied from RN Core. Hot Module Reloading offers an extremely improved developer experience, but does not typically work with React.PureComponent. If you use this preset instead of the real one, and also switch out React.PureComponent with React.Component only when module.hot is true, then HMR can work with pure components. This affects performance, but allows for HMR to work on all components in our codebase, which is a net win. In order to do this, however, we need to tell react-transform to run on PureComponent as well. Although this is a configuration option, the way the plugin is used inside of metro-bundler does not allow for us to pass in this configuration option. As a result, we are duplicating this here and resolving the module to this file path instead.

mpc1k-node - A library to parse & generate preset files (PGM) for the AKAI MPC1000

  •    Javascript

A library to parse & generate preset files (PGM) for the AKAI MPC1000

ember-suave - Make your Ember App Stylish

  •    Javascript

This library is based on JSCS linting rules and is no longer maintained. For the ESLint equivalent, see eslint-plugin-ember-suave. Ensures super stylish code by enforcing the DockYard JavaScript and Ember style guide rules.

jest-preset-coffeescript - 🃏 Easily write your Jests in @CoffeeScript.

  •    CoffeeScript

Easily write your Jests in CoffeeScript. Automatically handles transformation, including even tests written in literate CoffeeScript.

vue-cli-plugin-element - Quickly build an enterprise application with vue-cli and element-ui in seconds

  •    Vue

Quickly build an enterprise application with vue-cli and element-ui in seconds. You can create your project directly via preset, which already includes configurations such as ESLint and other plugins.

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