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showoff - Don't just present; interact with your audience!

  •    Javascript

Showoff is a slideshow presentation tool with a twist. It runs as a web application, with audience interactivity features. This means that your audience can follow along in their own browsers, can download supplemental materials, can participate in quizzes or polls, post questions for the presenter, etc. By default, their slideshows will synchronize with the presenter, but they can switch to self-navigation mode.Showoff allows you to author your presentation slides in Markdown, then organize them with a showoff.json file. This file also contains metadata about the presentation, such as the title, any password protection, etc.

presenter - Easy class decoration.

  •    PHP

Object-oriented presentation logic. Run the following to add Presenter to your project's composer.json. See Packagist for specific versions.

application - 🏆 A full-stack component-based MVC kernel for PHP that helps you write powerful and modern web applications

  •    PHP

Model-View-Controller is a software architecture that was created to satisfy the need to separate utility code (controller) from application logic code (model) and from code for displaying data (view) in applications with graphical user interface. With this approach we make the application better understandable, simplify future development and enable testing each unit of the application separately. Please, see documentation.

blueprinter - Simple, Fast, and Declarative Serialization Library for Ruby

  •    Ruby

Blueprinter is a JSON Object Presenter for Ruby that takes business objects and breaks them down into simple hashes and serializes them to JSON. It can be used in Rails in place of other serializers (like JBuilder or ActiveModelSerializers). It is designed to be simple, direct, and performant. It heavily relies on the idea of views which, similar to Rails views, are ways of predefining output for data in different contexts.

pympress - Pympress is a simple yet powerful PDF reader designed for dual-screen presentations

  •    Python

Pympress is a little PDF reader written in Python using Poppler for PDF rendering and GTK+ for the GUI. It is designed to be a dual-screen reader used for presentations and public talks, with two displays: the Content window for a projector, and the Presenter window for your laptop. It is portable and has been tested on various Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

dsp - DNS Statistics Presenter

  •    Perl

DNS Statistics Presenter (DSP) is a tool used for exploring statistics from busy DNS servers collected by DNS Statistics Collector (DSC). Following dependencies are needed, example for Debian/Ubuntu. Check ./configure for a full list of dependencies.

AICustomViewControllerTransition - Easy and tidy way for creating custom UIViewController transitions for iOS

  •    Swift

Create view controller transitions with no limits and without the complexity of implementing UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning protocol or subclassing UIPercentDrivenInteractiveTransition. You just need to use provided transitioningDelegate closure callbacks and provide your UIView animation code. To use with a project targeting iOS 7, or if you don't want to use CocoaPods you must include the AICustomViewControllerTransition.swift source file directly in your project.

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