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reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework

  •    Javascript

A framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. Check out the live demo. reveal.js comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, Markdown contents, PDF export, speaker notes and a JavaScript API. There's also a fully featured visual editor and platform for sharing reveal.js presentations at slides.com.

eagle.js - A hackable slideshow framework built with Vue.js

  •    Vue

Most of all, eagle.js aims at offering a simple and very hackable API so you can get off the beaten tracks and craft the slideshows you really want. If you are not familiar with Vue.js you will find eagle.js harder to use than, say, Reveal.js, but on the long term eagle.js makes it easier to organize your slides and implement new ideas.

doitlive - Because sometimes you need to do it live

  •    Python

doitlive is a tool for live presentations in the terminal. It reads a file of shell commands and replays the commands in a fake terminal session as you type random characters. Requires Python >= 2.7 or >= 3.5 with pip.

gitpitch - The Markdown Presentation Service For Everyone on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, GitBucket, Gitea, and Gogs

  •    Java

GitPitch is a markdown presentation service for everyone on Git. You can use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything using the tools you already know and love - Markdown + Git. The service introduces a new convention for Git users, called PITCHME.md. The GitPitch server turns PITCHME.md markdown files found within any public or private repo into online and offline, interactive slideshows.

decktape - PDF exporter for HTML presentations

  •    Javascript

DeckTape is a high-quality PDF exporter for HTML presentation frameworks. DeckTape is built on top of Puppeteer which relies on Google Chrome for laying out and rendering Web pages and provides a headless Chrome instance scriptable with a JavaScript API.

DeckDeckGo - The web open source editor for presentations

  •    Typescript

DeckDeckGo aims to be the open source web editor for presentations. It enables anyone with any type of devices (desktop, mobile or tablets) to easily create, present and share presentations for free. Create quickly simple PWA presentations using rich Templates. Interact with a remote control and live polls for your audience. You can present and work offline. YouTube videos can be easily integrated.

awesome-python-talks - :clapper: :mortar_board: An opinionated list of awesome videos related to Python, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience

  •    Shell

An opinionated list of awesome videos related to Python, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience. Python 3.3: Trust Me, It's Better than 2.7 [35 + 5 min, PyCon US 2013, slides] – A comprehensive overview of new features in Python 3.0 to 3.3, so you know what you need to read about.

h2o-meetups - Presentations from H2O meetups & conferences by the H2O.ai team

  •    Jupyter

The meetup presentations are also hosted on SlideShare. Links to presentations coming soon.

Beamer - A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides

  •    TeX

The beamer class is focussed on producing (on-screen) presentations, along with support material such as handouts and speaker notes. Content is created in a frame environment, each of which can be divided up into a number of slides (actual output pages). A simple 'action' notation is used to specify which material appears on each slide within a frame. The class supports a range of environments to enable complex slide relationships to be constructed.

tpp - Text Powerpoint

  •    Ruby

tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool. The presentation can be written with your favorite editor in a simple description format and then shown on any text terminal that is supported by ncurses - ranging from an old VT100 to the Linux framebuffer to an xterm. On the lower left side of your terminal you will notice the current slide number and the total number of slides. Left of that, a ‘*’ will appear when the end of the current slide has been reached. If no ‘*’ appears, pressing space bar the next time will show the next entry on the page (separated by ‘—’). You are also able to go to the next/previous page at this point.

libreoffice-impress-templates - Freely-licensed LibreOffice Impress templates

  •    Ruby

It is surprisingly difficult to find well-designed presentation templates for LibreOffice Impress under a free license. LibreOffice comes pre-installed with a handful of barebones templates that are not terribly useful.

presentations - Various presentations that I have made over the span of my time on this pale blue dot

  •    Javascript

Various presentations that I have made over the span of my time on this pale blue dot.

computering - :musical_keyboard: :dash: Pretends you can type really fast

  •    Ruby

Please have a look at the dsl.rb file and the examples folder for how to use the DSL. "THE (extended) BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42.0815): phoet contributed to this project.

upstage - A library for building web presentations.

  •    Javascript

Upstage is a library for building web presentations. This repository includes index.html as a starting point. Copy the build directory and index.html to your own workspace and get writing.

awesome-tech-talks - :mortar_board: :clapper: An opinionated list of awesome videos related to IT / development topics, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience


An opinionated list of awesome videos related to IT / development topics, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience. Note that "development" and "operations" category entries can be equally useful to both administrators and developers, and be it only to get a glimpse across the fence (or wall, most often). The Impact of Leveraging Open Source [51 min, Devoxx Belgium 2017] – Very nice introduction to Open Source (in the enterprise) and its major licenses by Jeff Strauss, an actual (but recovering) lawyer.

presentations - 🗣 A set of personal public presentations and conference talks

  •    TeX

I like technical slides to be pretty and often use LaTeX for them. Perhaps, I'm not that good at PowerPoint. I also like to give examples/demos as they clarify the process and explain better than words. Most of the presentations have full examples in this repository and back-up code snippets in slides.

reveal.rb - Presentation generator using reveal.js

  •    Javascript

reveal.js presentation generator. That's it! Now open output/index.html to watch your presentation.

meetups - Want to start a Serverless usergroup? We can help you get started and be an official Serverless Usergroup


Community-driven Serverless usergroups, are hosted locally in cities across the world. Spread the knowledge and experience in building and running applications with serverless architectures at scale, on AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, IBM Cloud Functions, Kubeless, Webtask, and more. Get together to learn about serverless architectures, event-driven application development, microservices, FaaS and severless computing in general. Join us to be part of the family of many Serverless Usergroups across the world.