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rebass - :atom_symbol: React UI component library & design system, built with styled-components and styled-system

  •    Javascript

React UI component library & design system, built with styled-system, with support for styled-components & emotion. Rebass is a library of highly-composable, primitive UI components for React, built with styled-components to keep styles isolated and reduce the need to write custom CSS in your application. Based upon a configurable design system, Rebass‘s props API makes building consistent, responsive web apps simpler and faster.

react-native-stateless-form - Stateless form components for React Native

  •    Javascript

It implements the most common pattern of mobile form user interaction by convension over configuration. You'll never have to worry again about scrolling and focusing form fields. This package is inspired by FaridSafi/react-native-gifted-form, and my intention is to merge with it in the future.

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